Designer Worthy Eyes: Dior All-In-One Artistry Palette in 308 Khaki Design

It’s funny how I haven’t talked about this before. I have 3 of these palettes, including this one. The other two are Amber Design and Pink Design, which I might just talk about in the near future. 308 Khaki Design is part of the Golden Jungle Fall 2012 Collection, and these types of colours are my all time favourites. I love taupes, cool browns, greyish khaki, all these muted cooler in-between shades. Even though I have a warmer complexion, I do not like very warm colours which might make me look orange. I don’t believe in makeup rules 😉 Anyhoo… this palette together with Golden Savannah, naturally, are already in my mind for Fall…



If you haven’t tried this Designer palette before, let me give you a brief introduction. As you can see from picture above, each colour is labelled. Bottom left (1) is Base, centre (2) is Couleur, top left (3) is Ombre, top right (4) is Shine and bottom right (5) is Liner. You are supposed to apply the Base all over your lids before applying Couleur. Then, Ombre, usually a darker shade, is applied to add definition at the outer corners of your eyes. You can use Shine to highlight the brow bone, or to pat onto the lids for extra shimmer. To finish the look, apply Liner on your lashline. This step by step instruction is included in the leaflet provided.



The Base in the Artistry palette feels like silicone powder. It is very finely milled and slippery too. The feeling is hard to describe. It feels like cream, but when rubbed between the fingers, it is actually powder. Base does help the shadows last longer too. Shine is just that. It is a very sheer pressed pigment of shiny shimmers. I find that it is best to use both Base and Shine with fingers, then dab on areas where needed. I have tried using eye shadow brushes to pick up these products and they don’t fare that well. Fingers, yes.

The only 2 eye shadows here are really Couleur and Ombre. These 2 shades are designed to match each other, and from my experience with these palettes, they match very well. I have mentioned before that I dislike cream and powder in the same palette. It has not changed. However, the Liner included in this palette is dry to touch. It is not sticky nor is it creamy so powders don’t attach itself to this side of the palette that easily. And you ask, doesn’t it dry up quickly? Surprisingly, these Liners included in the palette doesn’t dry up as fast as my MAC paint pots! I was truly amazed! Maybe it’s due to its already drier texture, but I’m still using the Amber Design which I bought a little more than a year ago. However, when it does feel drier than usual, I like to scrape off the top. Erm, and to those who are hygiene freaks, my eyes have been doing well. No sensitivity or adverse reactions to the old’er’ liner. I only use my makeup on myself, and I am the only one who is allowed to touch my makeup.



Swatches 🙂 As you can see, Base and Shine are absolutely sheer while Couleur and Ombre are pigmented and creamy. Liner looks dry but when applied on the eyes, it works just like any other liner. Doesn’t smudge too, which is an added bonus!



Khaki Design can easily take you from day to night and other than the cream powder issue, I have no other grouses. I’ve always liked Dior’s Artistry Palettes, so other than the gorgeous colours, this is nothing new to me. This palette retails for RM205 and should be available at Dior counters nationwide by now.

Have you tried Dior’s Artistry palette before? In fact, which of Dior’s Fall Collection item catches your fancy?


xoxo Lily


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