Monthend Randomness: How Much Should You Trust Beauty Consultants?

I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes here… but… *shrug*. This is something I think we should discuss! Warning: My rants might be childish and sarcastic, so if you can’t take some form of wit no matter how low, stop reading here. I’m not good at being neutral, but I will try to curb my enthusiasm 😉


I warned you….



So you go to a cosmetics counter, you sometimes see beautiful girls all made up, or stern senior looking ladies. If it’s a counter or store you frequent, they can be the friendliest people on earth. Otherwise, it can be unpleasant especially when they breathe down your neck. At other times, they have the tendency to treat you like you know nothing about makeup. Am I right or am I right?

I am never nasty to these girls or ladies. I mean, they are just doing their job. Some of them do a great job (clap!), others pretty average (kudos for trying), and some just think they can fool you with whatever they say (evil eyes on them). Yes, it’s true. Some even have highly trained laser eyes because they can tell you what foundation shade you are by just glancing at you for no more than 5 seconds in ambient lighting. How impressive is that? My skin is considered fair / light, and I was matched a medium shade no matter how much I protested. So, I took the sample anyway, wore it out the next day, went back to her and showed her my burnt orange skin. Yes, I walked to the counter looking like that. I was matched to a lighter shade, naturally. I hope you readers know how to test a foundation properly. Do NOT rush it.

Then, there was another girl who told me that a skin primer with SPF35 is all I needed for sun protection. If I wore extra sunscreen, it would be too heavy for my oily skin (please note I have normal skin now). Other than the fact that she could assess my skin condition with just one look, she also told me that SPF35 will protect me from harmful UV rays for the entire day! At least 8 hours, she said. And this is a sales consultant from a high end brand. If I didn’t know better, I might have just believed her. She was so serious, she really meant it, I think. Don’t companies provide training anymore? Gasp! Or maybe this luxury brand taught her this!!! OMG, luckily I’m not too in love with their baked formula…

Last one, I promise. So I went to a standalone store, and tested some foundations, again… I mean, it’s the trickiest getting the right shade and texture. The lady matched it to my skin (which is 1 shade darker than the rest of my body) and when I asked her for a shade lighter so I’d look uniform, she refused. She said her trainer taught her to match foundations to the face, not body. Hello? Anyone with some experience would know that skin is supposed to look uniform. She’s also the one who curled my lashes AFTER applying mascara. I never agreed to this practice, and she managed to make my lashes look flat and crimped, AND took away some of my precious lashes, the few that I’ve got! Hey, I thought your brand is all about looking natural…

If you’re experienced in makeup and if you know your skin well, you wouldn’t be fooled. What about those who are still new to makeup? No wonder I see so many people going about with the wrong foundation shades on their skin. For all you know, you might be using skincare that is not right for you at all! So my advice to you is, know yourself. Know what your skin likes and dislikes, and to get a rough idea, do research. There are plenty of blogs around, or ask your friends… or get a test done, like the skin analysis I showed you before. It’s really about trial and error, so pay closer attention to how your skin reacts to a certain product. Otherwise, you’ll be at the mercy of the not so experienced, or the too experienced who take things for granted.

Cosmetic / Skincare companies: If you’re reading this, please train your staff properly. At least have mystery shoppers and do spot checks. Your products might be great, but when there’s a mismatch, the awesomeness doesn’t translate well. All the money spent on research and technology to develop something impressive might be ruined by the hands of the uninformed.

What about you? Have you encountered anything like this? It’s not just me, is it? What…do I look like I’m easily fooled?? Pfft!


xoxo Lily