One Essential Mask: A Luxury to Behold

This post will complete my beloved trio of the Dior One Essential range. I promised you in my One Essential pre-serum post that I will let you know about the mask. Well, about time, I hear some say 😉 This mask is launched later to complement the pre-serums. I have had great results using these 3 together. To find out more, continue reading!



The mask is housed in an elegant dark red tub, just like the serums. The packaging looks quite big, but there is only 50ml in the tub. The packaging is definitely sterile, because the opening to the mask is sealed with foil. You peel the foil open, to find another plastic cap to protect the mask inside. So, should you find the foil tampered, don’t buy it!



The mask itself is a light pink cream that smells just like the serums. I have no idea how to describe the scent, but it is nothing strong that hits the nerves. I was advised to use this generously. Slab on a thick layer on skin, let it sit for about 15 minutes then scrape it off using the spatula provided. The scraping technique is to ensure toxins are removed but I always have trouble with this. There is supposed to be extra cream sitting on the skin, but my skin absorbs it so quickly that there is nothing to scrape off. So, my other theory is that maybe I didn’t apply enough. I was also told that I could use this as a sleeping pack, but I couldn’t. The mask is very sticky. Yes, Sticky with a capital S. So I like to wash off the mask before applying the rest of my skincare (instead of applying skincare immediately after scraping off excess as recommended).



I’m not sure if what I do would reduce the efficacy level, but I’m still rather impressed with this mask. Every time I feel some bumps on my face, those that are about to erupt into a full blown acne, I’d apply this mask and leave it on for a little longer, say about 20 minutes. The next day, little bumps would go away. Those that were close to erupting anyway would do its own thing (maybe even bigger than normal) but in 2 or 3 days, it would disappear without leaving behind any marks. This mask promises to remove toxins and that, I believe, is true. Skincare gets absorbed even quicker and I wake up with soft dewy skin. No exaggeration whatsoever.



I do have some dislikes and the first one being the packaging. The opening of the tub is smaller than the body, and there is mask stuck in those hard to reach places. For a mask this expensive, I would want to use up every single drop! Another gripe is, I don’t get that much use out of the tub because of the amount I have to apply. The thicker layer I apply, the more painful it is for me. Sometimes in my mind, I make remarks like… “Gosh, this is another RM20 on my face”… or if a small dollop of mask dropped on the vanity, I’d yell “OMG! That’s like RM5 on the table!” Sigh… I can be so frugal (read: cheap) … LOL!



However, heartache aside, this mask has been doing lovely things to my skin and I absolutely love it! I used to use it weekly, but now I reduced it to twice a month. I know it’s a luxury every time I use this, so I savour the moments. That doesn’t mean I don’t mask every week. I rotate this with Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask which also keeps my skin soft.

Have you tried any of the One Essential range yet? I recommend you to stick with it for at least 2 months and you won’t regret it. I don’t usually “highly recommend” anything, but if I had to, this range is it!


xoxo Lily



  • Liyeun

    Thank you, really, it’s about time! I was itching to try this but I am very afraid with the word ‘detox’ cos I might suffer from breakouts! Duno if Dior would provide sample of this, hmmm….

    • Lily

      I’m not sure about samples, but this is really worth a try! I guess you could ask for a sample for the serum and if that doesn’t break you out, then this shouldn’t either… just a suggestion 😉

    • francesca

      I do currently work for Dior, and I can assure you that if you went to a dior counter, they will certainly sample you some of this mask! It truly is one of my favorite Dior products – amongst many more 🙂 I have been in the beauty business for almost 8 years now and I have tried many products. I do faithfully say, I have never had any reaction to dior skincare. My best advice is – you need to find what suits you and try products. When doing so, slowly introduce them to your skin because if you switch over night, you may have confused your skin and then caused a reaction. I hope this helps!

      • Thanks for your input Francesca 🙂 And glad to have you drop by!

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    When I went to the Dior Golden Jungle launch in Taipei, the lady was REALLY trying to push this to me. I still don’t know where I stand on luxury skincare though. On the one hand I don’t think I need it, on the other the fragrance and so on usually puts me off a little. I’m glad to hear it does work well for you though! Maybe I’ll want to try one day!

    • Lily

      It’s really a pain looking for skincare that works, especially luxury brands. It’s also painful when the product doesn’t work. That’s why I’ve only been experimenting with Dior, because that’s the brand that I know works for my skin. My skincare used to be more affordable. Maybe with age, my skin needs more care too. Aahhh… perhaps, if I wasn’t so vain…. LOL!

  • Hm…I’m not sure about this. My oily, acne-prone skin generally doesn’t do well with the creamy or gel type masks that you wipe (or scrape) away. My skin LOVES clay masks and exfoliating masks–anything else just doesn’t do anything or makes my skin greasy/oily or breaks me out :/

    • Lily

      Oh, I understand your concerns Becca. I can’t just leave this mask on my skin after scraping. I still have to wash it off. Surprisingly, when my skin isn’t at its best, this mask helps make it better… especially with breakouts! I also use Origins Out of Trouble Mask which helps calm down redness and bumps when necessary. Have you tried it before?

  • Liyeun

    Yes good idea, I shall try with it’s serum first as I hv heard great things bout it. I’m just curious though, If I were to use da preserum and then ANR… Wonder if it will be good buddies? Lol… Anyway, I can’t wait till u share with us about Estée Lauder’s Idealist! Hehehe

    • Lily

      I use the pre-serum before ANR at night and my skin is LOVING it! Idealist didn't do much for my skin, so I gave it to my mom. No review 🙁

      • Liyeun

        Awesome! Seems like ANR could work with many other serums n oils! Great that Dior works so well on you! But I can imagine the poor pocket…. Lol…

        • Lily

          You said it, Liyuen. My wallet Screams every time I walk near the Dior counter… Haha!