Sunday Sharing: Product Photography Made Easy

My dear friends, I have something to share. You might be doing this already, but you might not. I have been taking pretty cool clean bright photos, and I didn’t even need any light boxes or ring lights or fancy gadgets. The product photo comes out true to colour, and not much post production tweaks are needed. I don’t even have a DSLR. My camera is just a Canon G12. Time and sunlight don’t matter either. It can be noon or midnight for all I care. Before I start, let me just give all credit to my wonderful Mr Chloe Ash. Interested to know more?

Here are some samples of my photos taken using this method:



All you need is a bathtub. I kid you not. A bathtub and a flash. Below is my bathroom, with some mess from the children’s bath…



You place the product near to the edge of the bathtub so light will be bouncing off every angle. The flash attached to your camera shouldn’t be pointing directly at the product so the light won’t be too harsh. You can try pointing the flash toward the edge of the bathtub and let the light bounce off the angles. You could also let the light bounce off the ceiling for a diffused effect.



The resulting image from this is below, with no post production. In my opinion, this photo is a little overexposed, so what I do is to lower the power of the flash (or just lowering the ISO would do the job) and try again. When I’m satisfied with how it looks on my LCD screen, I’d take it to my computer for a little post production. Usually, it doesn’t take more than just tweaking a little brightness and contrast, just messing with the curves. That’s it! You can do all these on Don’t even need Photoshop or Aperture or any other fancy programs.



So yup, here’s my little trick for taking my product shots recently. I’ve been so busy, I just cannot find the time to take photos in the day. Also, this, I reckon is much better than having a bulky light box and having ┬áto crack my head where to store it. You could purchase a mounted flash from eBay for a small amount of money (around RM100) before investing in a good one.

I hope you’ll give it a try. A little creativity my husband thought of, and I hope this sharing helped you in your shots too! Do you have any other tricks up your sleeves that you don’t mind sharing? I enjoy good photographs in others’ blogs (bad ones really turn me off) and I try my best for my own blog too. I am still learning so any good advice or tips are much appreciated!


xoxo Lily