August Empties!

I do finish my products! Yeah, just in case you’re wondering 😉 I’ve been reading blogs posting their empties, so I thought I’d join in the fun. I have a few here, a mixture of skincare and makeup. I will do a short review of these products here, if I haven’t already.



First up, we have a powder from Dior. I bought it yonks ago, when it was newly launched. Yes, THAT long ago. It takes forever to finish and finally, I have! Now that we have new formula of loose powder / foundation, this might not get much of a mention. I prefer the Diorsnow Compact Foundation over this. Less messy!

Next also from Dior is the highlighter pen, Skinflash. I reviewed it last year when I just started blogging not long ago, so go check it out if you haven’t.

Last from my makeup empty is Make Up For Ever High Definition Primer in 02. I took me one whole year to use it up, and it’s with regular use! I bought this with their HD foundation, and I still have half of the foundation left. (for review, click here)

On to skin care. Eye creams are a staple for me. I use it daily and nightly, without fail. After 7 months of daily use, I have used up my Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator. I’d say this one is just average. It does keep my eye area hydrated, but I don’t know if it’s superficial because this one has lots of silicones in it. The ceramic tip does help with massaging the eye area, reducing morning puffiness. I won’t be repurchasing this one. I think I’ll just stick to my ANREye.

Last but not least, my night cream. I sleep with AC on every night and my night creams have to keep my skin moisturised. I’d say this RVB Biohydra does the job quite well, but not so well that I’m sticking to it. RVB’s Holistic Beauty range is organic, and I really can’t tell the difference between this and those with chemicals in it. It took me 10 months to finish this tub, and it’s time to bid adieu and try another.

For me, I use up skincare products most of the time. Makeup…on rare occasions, yes. Did you manage to use up any of your skincare or makeup? Do share in comments below!


xoxo Lily



  • Hanny

    Hmm, the only empties I will have in the coming weeks/months are my moisturizer (DDMG from Clinique) and my Kiehl’s serum thingy. Heh heh heh.

    As for makeup, I tend to only finish primers heh heh. My UD one is still going strong though. It’s been 9 months!

    • Lily

      I might just go look at the UD primer once I’m done with my Shu Uemura and Dior… that’ll take like a year and a half? LOL!

  • I’ve used up some shampoo and conditioner this month (guess they are a staple in my monthly empties) but I have not actually used up any of my makeup other than hitting pan on my Dior Cream Compact! :s am trying to put this No Foundation ban into action until I actually use up a bottle but the GA Maestro Fusion Foundation is calling out to me! :s also nothanks to you I am now tempted to pick up one ETK. Oh dear, oh dear.

    • Lily

      I’ve heard so much about the GA foundation but it’s a bummer because the brand is not available here! I don’t like purchasing foundations without testing it first. It’s different from eye or cheek colours… and hey, the ETKs are gorgeous!

  • LOL I’m the same–I VERY rarely finish makeup items (the last one I can remember finishing was a Make Up For Ever eyeliner a few months ago). I do go through things like sunscreen, face wash, and toner more regularly. Moisturizer–not so much lately since I’ve been so oily, I only need a light serum to moisturize my face. OH–I almost forgot. The thing I probably have been going through the MOST of lately is oil blotting sheets. Dude, I go through those bad boys like they’re nothing.

    • Lily

      I totally understand what you mean about makeup. I might just put myself on a ban (yeah right!) so I can at least hit pan on some stuff. I’m trying hard to finish my foundations so I’m TRYING hard not to purchase new ones. As for colours, I really doubt I can hit pan on any of them. So let’s not even go there. LOL!

  • Liyeun

    It’s so difficult to finish up things when we keep buying n trying, isn’t it? The only products that I will always use up are cleansers, toner, and makeup base…now to think about it, I really duno why. Oh, and dreat thing that u finish ur loose powder! I find it hard to stick to one so in da end, I ended up giving away…. Hehehe….

    • Lily

      LOL I think I took at least 3 years to use up the powder! I think it’s a plague, us women buying makeup without even finishing any. Yes, I do give away a lot of my stuff, those that I hardly use, those that I don’t love anymore… and that’s also why I have blog sales. At least I could get a little $$ so I could buy something else ;-P