Bring the Galaxy to Your Eyes with Bobbi Brown

I realised I haven’t talked about Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow before. Well, I have, just briefly, when I talked about cream bases for eyes, but not a proper post dedicated to this eye shadow. Bobbi Brown is the first higher end makeup I obsessed with. It was all Bobbi Brown until I discovered the others. Then, it was downhill from there… depending on how you look at it 😉

I remember my first cream eye shadow being Bobbi Brown’s Burnished, a mid toned bronze colour. That was about 4 years ago, and I just recently picked up Galaxy on my crazy spree. While the texture is familiar, the price tag has gone up quite a bit.



The packaging is heavy glass and it’s not very big. This little tub only holds 3.5g of product, compared to other cream eye shadows from Chanel at 4g, MAC and Estee Lauder at 5g, and MUFE and Shiseido at 6g. It also costs RM95 and with relative comparison, it is more expensive than the rest, save Chanel. So, is it worth the dough?



The texture of this cream eye shadow is smoother than their matte ones and less gritty than their glittery shades. It is not chunky and there is a metallic sheen to this silver grey with hints of taupe in different lighting. My gripe with Bobbi Brown’s cream eye shadow is the inconsistency of their texture. Some colours are awesome, while others can be dry and stiff, and the rest are chunky with glitters. So, even though there are many shades to choose from, you really gotta test it out in person to feel the texture of the shadow. With the price you’re paying, buying it sight unseen is a big risk.



Galaxy however, glides on smoothly on my lids, and without a primer, I can only see signs of fading after a good 7 hours. No creasing, which is a thumbs up. It blends out easily without looking streaky and it doesn’t dry down too fast that you can’t work with it. This shade can be worn alone easily, just by applying with fingers, for a silvery sheen on the eyes, great for Winter. It can also be worn with black liner smudged out for an easy smokey effect. When I got home, I compared it to some similar shades and find that while there is no obvious dupe, they’re pretty close.



For those of you who might be interested:



So back to the question… is RM95 worth it? I would like to think that it is, because I know these cream shadows don’t dry out super fast like MAC, and this shade in particular feels comfortable on my eyes and it is long wearing. While the shade is similar to MUFE #2, I prefer this texture because MUFE feels a little drying on my lids. However, I can obviously do without it and I would definitely think twice about repurchasing it. So for me, regrettably, this is an impulsive purchase, a little mistake that I shouldn’t repeat. However, don’t let me stop you from trying it.

Have you tried this? What do you think?


xoxo Lily