FOTD: Contour Focused… An Evening Look for Fall

Happy Sunday! If I were to follow my normal schedule and if you noticed, there shouldn’t be any posts today. However, I was playing with a look I DON’T normally wear, and I thought I’d share with you. Be merciful with the comments, please 😀

I was experimenting with stronger contours on my otherwise soft flat face, and I have to say it is something I WON’T be wearing much. First of all, I look quite bronzed all over, and it’s just too much work. Anything more, I’d look super dirty! Thanks hubs for taking the photos for me, using his better camera. My Canon G12 is travelling in China with my parents.



What I’m wearing:

Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle foundation in BO-02 all over my face and neck. 2 layers of it, in case you’re wondering why my face looks different. No concealers (the foundation was full coverage already).

MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural in Light down the centre of my face (forehead, nose, chin) and NARS Laguna bronzer at hairline, sides of my face and neck. This gives a little dimension to my otherwise pretty flat face. Guerlain Meteorites Cruel Gardenia to highlight cheekbones and bridge of my nose.

Contours at the hollow of my cheeks and the sides of my nose lightly using a combination of NARS Laguna and Benefit Silky eyeshadow in Bossy. Blush used is Tarte Exposed.

On my eyes, the new Estee Lauder palette Violet Underground, and the blue toned purple makes my eyes look really white (review coming soon). The shades I used are purple, brown and black. I’m wearing Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD607 Nocturne on my lips.

Filled in my brows using Benefit Silky eyeshadow in Bossy and darkened it using Bobbi Brown brow pencil in Mahogany. Loads of mascara, and I used Revlon Photoready 3D Volume.



I don’t think this look is practical for day wear, because after some sweating, I bet any shadows at the sides of my nose will be gone. I think it’s good for photos because my cheekbones popped and I actually have a nose bridge here, but in real life, nah… I’ll pass. I’m just not used to it at all. I feel overly made up here, actually. However, I would tone down a notch or two for a dinner out. I think it’s quite fall appropriate, isn’t it?

Contouring is a very tricky skill and I still need loads and loads of practice. This is an amateur attempt but I hope it’s passable, not laughable *cringe* What do you think of this look? Do you contour often? Maybe on special occasions only? Or not at all?


xoxo Lily