FOTD: Dior Golden Savannah Goes Smokey

Happy Monday 🙂

My wound doesn’t hurt as much now, but there is still that Ouch moment when I sneeze or cough. I’m allergic to stronger painkillers and that is why I’m whining like a baby. Apparently, my stomach couldn’t take the general anesthetics administered on me either, and the acute gastric pain was a result 🙁 How unlucky! Anyway, thank goodness blogging doesn’t involve walking or climbing up and down…. AND, I took these pictures before I was hospitalised 😉


I used all 5 colours from the Golden Savannah palette. The bronze (top right) all over my lids, dark brown (bottom right) at the outer corners, dark matte caramel (top left) to blend out rough edges across the crease, brown khaki (bottom left) to smudge my lower lashline and gold (centre) at the centre of my lids.

Other products used:

Chanel Perfection Lumiere for foundation, using MAC Mineralize Skinfiniah Natural to lightly powder over my T-zone.

NARS Laguna (lightly) at the sides of my face and my hairline, Tarte Exposed (lightly) at the apple of my cheeks.

For lips, I used Shiseido lacquer rouge in BE306.



That’s one of the ways I wore Golden Savannah. When I’m short of time, I just mix and match 2 colours and I’m out the door. A very versatile palette and have I mentioned I love it?

Hope you like the FOTD!


xoxo Lily


  • Bugs

    Welcome Back !!

    • Lily

      Thanks Bugs. Good to be back! My eyes are re-adjusting to the time in front of the computer. I guess it was good to take a few days off 😉

  • Lady MaDe

    Hi, I hope you will be better very quickly! But for now, just enjoy resting! I really love the new Dior palettes, unfortunately they will not be available in Belgium :'( the look you created is amazing!

    • Lily

      Thanks sweetie 🙂 It’s really not that hard to recreate the look. That’s really too bad you can’t get Dior palettes in Belgium…:-( I have a blogger friend there who wanted this palette too, so it’s really quite sad.

  • Claire

    This looks utterly pretty! I am amazed by the Shiseido beige on you, you rock the Shiseido lacquers so well. I really like the placement. You are tempting me with this palette 😉

    • Lily

      Thanks Claire. I don’t need to do much because the Shiseido Lacquers are really very pigmented and they photograph really well. Too bad it is quite drying after a while…and they don’t look flattering after a meal 😉 Either way, I’m still thinking of getting a pink one, or the Asia exclusive ones. Those look quite pretty. I like how easy it is to work with this Golden Savannah, but since you already have dupes of the shades, just wait for the Holiday ones, I guess…!

      • Claire

        I have one shiseido lacquer and ‘like’ it, I think guerlain’s liquids and hourglass’ liquids are just more right up my alley texture wise. I have dupes that true but that murky moss green there is just a nice colour. I think I will pass still, haha. The asia exclusive colours are alaways so nice and they do the pink colours so well, looking forward to the review (if you get them) 🙂

        • Lily

          Ah, Guerlain and Hourglass. I hate that I don’t get them here. The closest Guerlain store is 3 hours drive from me and Hourglass is not available in this country. I suppose my wallet is thankful for this tho 😉

  • Honey

    Love the blush….and erm, yes you are making me ‘need’ the Golden Savannah! Not good as I held out for soooo long already :). Cheers and get well soon.

    • Lily

      Thanks Honey 🙂 I’m much better now already!

  • Aaaargh, I wanted that palette so bad! I really love it on you! Thanks for showing us different ways to wear this palette, it’s a real beauty!

    • Lily

      Thanks girl 🙂 This palette is a keeper, definitely wearable in so many different occasions!