FOTD: Violet Underground Goes Around

I wanted to show you how to wear this palette especially when incorporating the Fuchsia shade. In my review of the palette, I did say that it is wearable, so I want to show you what I mean. The other colours are quite easy to wear, so in this post, you’ll see fuchsia in every photo. I will very briefly tell you the placement of the colours, so if you have any other questions, please comment below 😉

This is the simplest way you can wear it, and the least intimidating, I think. I only used 2 colours on the lids, the fuchsia and the black. This look is best created using the eye shadows wet. I made it bolder here because it photographs better, but you can always make the fuchsia sheerer and thinner. I used the brown dry to smudge my lower lash line.



This look is fuchsia worn dry and sheer. I used the dark brown on my lids, then blended out the edges using the fuchsia. This softer smokey look is suitable even for day time. As you can see from the photos, you can hardly tell there’s a bright pink on your lids. This is the most wearable among the looks I’ve created today. I added purple to my bottom lash line for a contrasting look, but you can always go with brown to make it even more wearable.



Now, the final one with fuchsia and this is how the SA at Estee Lauder wore it for me – all 5 colours. I personally wouldn’t wear this out in the day, but for a night out, I think it’s cool. Fuchsia at inner and outer corners of eyes, leaving the centre of the lid open for beige. Brown is used to blend edges while purple and black were mixed together to darken lash lines. Again, I wore the colours much bolder so you can see the colour placement.



The rest of the products worn on my face were neutral to emphasise my eyes. I had the new Dior Nude Glow foundation on me, Rouge Dior Nude in Grège and MAC Well Dressed (light pink) for blush. I hope you liked this post. I think for photographs, the first one pops the most 😉 There are so many other ways to wear this palette and experimenting is part of the fun.

Which one do you like best?


xoxo Lily