How Do You Take Care Of Your Nails?

Yes, I just wanted to ask that. It would be funny if I ended the post just like this, eh? LOL! I would like to know how you take care of your nails. That would include your fingernails and your toenails. Why would I like to know? It’s because I don’t know how to. That’s right. I’m a beauty blogger who knows nuts about nails.


I am lucky to be born with strong nails. My fingernails are naturally long so I can get away with keeping short nails. I envy those who keep  neat long nails but I just can’t bear the thought of them hitting the keyboard or me accidentally scratching something. I’m a klutz. I also have really hard nails so when I trim my nails using the clipper, you should stay far far away. My clipped nail will fly and bounce and might poke your eye. Yes, it happened to me before. My eye 🙁 Cutting nails with goggles on seems too extreme, so I just have to be more careful.

I don’t have a habit of filing my nails because it gives me goosebumps, literally. I know I really should buff my toe nails, but then again, goosebumps. It gives me that feeling when my teacher scraped her nails on the blackboard. Bitch! That’s also a reason I don’t enjoy that part of pedicure, when they clean and buff my toe nails. I feel like I need to pull my hair or hurt myself in order to numb that hair raising sensation.

And I’ve rambled on to some grandmother story again.

Anyhoo…… other than keeping my nails short, and putting on nail polish once in a while, I really don’t do much. I’m pretty sure my nails feel extremely neglected and hate me for it (hence the attempt murder on my eye). I do use hand creams that are also nourishing for my nails, so it’s not too bad…. I think.

Do you have any tips for me so that I can have healthy nails for longer? Any help is appreciated 🙂


xoxo Lily