Red Lips Are For…..

I don’t usually do discussions unless it’s a Sunday but since I missed the last Sunday and I’m impatient, let’s just discuss it today. We in Malaysia had a long weekend recently and we took the opportunity to visit my brother in Kuala Lumpur. I was naturally gravitated towards cosmetics department and I finally picked up Guerlain Luxure Rouge G L’Extrait. Yay! However, I wore it home and got my mom’s disapproval. She said such red lips are for much older women and wearing it makes younger women look 5 years older. I think my mom forgot how old I am…

Then for the evening, to please her, I wore a sheerer red. I don’t usually change my makeup for someone else, but it was my parents’ anniversary, so anything to make them happy. (Darn!) My mom obviously doesn’t know bold lips are in this season and I don’t blame her. She is a ‘neutral makeup all the way’ woman so I took her comment with a pinch of salt. My husband thinks it’s sexy so that’s enough 😉 However, her comment made me think of women’s perception of red lips in general.



I think the photo above is appropriate because that’s the lippie that earned me that comment 😉 I think red lips can be classy, feminine, sophisticated and va va voom at the same time. It brings immediate colour to your face and it turns a girl into a woman. Definitely not for the faint hearted. However, I disagree that it makes women look older. Wrong choice of words, I think 😉  What say you? What do you think of bold red lips? I’m not talking about sheer reds because that is very wearable. Do you think it is more suitable for women above 40? Can’t a 20-year-old enjoy a little drama?  What about Snow White? Oh wait, she’s born with it…LOL! Please share your thoughts. I’d love to know what you think.


xoxo Lily