Rouge Dior Nude 169 Grège is My Lip Twin!

Who would’ve thought? I was testing the new Dior Nude Glow bases and I picked up this instead. Rouge Dior Nude is a line of lipsticks that perfectly matches the Nude complexion. If I could tell you simply in my words, in these 10 new shades of Lip Blush, you should be able to find one that enhances the natural colour of your lips, which many bloggers refer to “My lips but better” (MLBB). I have found mind… Grège.


“GRÈGE”, or the flagship colour of the New Look imagined by Christian Dior in 1947, the association of nude beige and luminous grey that is oh so very Dior

I don’t think we need much introduction to the packaging of Rouge Dior. A picture says a thousand words, so I’ll just let a few pictures do the talking 😉 I’m really not very talkative in real life anyway, so it’s not like I’m lazy or anything (yeah right)!



This Lip Blush is very buttery. This new formula has active ingredients which moisture, replump and redefine. Lips are supposed to be more supple by the day due to the lip care infused to this new lipstick balm. The colours are more sheer than your normal Rouge Dior and I also find my lips stay more comfortable for longer. I swatched the lipstick at the back of my hand, the I took the photo under direct sunlight. You can actually see how creamy and moisturizing it is, so you can imagine how it feels on your lips.



The shade Grège evens out my lips while adding more colour – the blushing effect, as Dior calls it. When I wore this at the counter, I knew I had to have it. I could pair this with whatever look I want and I know it wouldn’t clash. No makeup makeup? This is no lipstick lipstick. If you still haven’t checked this out, I suggest you do. If you haven’t found your MLBB lipstick, then this is a good opportunity. What do you think? This luxury costs RM98 a piece and I am glad I own this. You?

I end this post with this photo below, just to show you what I mean by Grège being my lip twin 😉


xoxo Lily