September Empties!

This is such a cop out of a post…LOL! But hey, I want to show you I used up some stuff again… I’m on a roll! They are mostly skincare, well, they are all skincare, but I finished them nonetheless.


I’ve reviewed Caudalie Beauty Elixir before, and I’ve used up this 30ml bottle. Cleansers are easy to use, and I’ve squeezed out everything from Origins Checks and Balances. The other tube of A Perfect World will be gone soon too. <review here> Maybe I’ll have an impressive October Empties… maybe not 😉

I still have a few bottles of Vichy Eau Thermale because I grabbed them when they were on sale before they pulled out of our shores. It was really cheap and this comes in handy. I use it to clean my children’s hands before wiping them. On a terribly hot day, I blast my car AC and spray this everywhere – helps cool down the car faster, in my opinion. Or I just spray my face to bring down the redness.

The RVB Holistic Beauty moisturiser is a mattifying one but I really dreaded the smell. It is an organic product, but it smells like vomit. I endured through the whole bottle so I guess it was either not too bad, or I am just really persistent. Anyway, I definitely won’t be repurchasing this.

What did you use up last month?


xoxo Lily