My Skincare Routine…the whole Mumbo Jumbo

I was asked by a few readers to share my skincare routine. My first reaction was… where do I start? I do believe in lotions and potions and the right ones do wonders. When I was younger in my early twenties, my main concern was mainly hydration. So, I just stuck to the basic cleanse, tone and moisturise, with the occasional facial and pimple cream. Then came the thirties…

My skin changed after my first pregnancy and my skin became dull and dry after the second one. I don’t know if it’s hormones, or because I just didn’t have that much time to take care of myself. Life with 2 babies was sleepless, literally. Sleep and beauty go hand in hand and you can just imagine the toll it took on my skin. I discovered serums and masks as well as home exfoliation because I just didn’t have the luxury to go for facials anymore. Before I tell you my whole life story, let’s just jump to what I’m using now.



In the mornings, I cleanse and tone like most of you. Due to long work hours, I use a mattifying moisturiser (RVB Holistic Beauty) and sunscreen (Kiehl’s Ultra Light UV Defense / Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Makeup Base) before my makeup. On some days when I’m home earlier, or maybe on weekends when I’m home after lunch, I like to take off my makeup using Caudalie Cleansing Water. This is supposed to be similar to Bioderma, but I haven’t tried that before. Twice a week, I will use chemical exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells. I’m currently using Diorsnow Wipe Off Gel and I usually follow that with Diorsnow White Reveal Moisturising Lotion in Fresh (I used to exfoliate using Clarisonic Plus which I still do sometimes). I will then soak my skin in Clinique’s Moisture Surge before my night time routine.

Now for evenings. On nights when I’m only home after 8pm, I take the day off with Dermalogica Precleanse. I absolutely love this cleansing oil. The scent relaxes and calms me down, excellent after a stressful day at work. I then wash my face with a foam cleanser by Origins before patting on my Hada Labo toner. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d know I’m a huge fan of Dior One Essential. These pre-serums are for my face and eyes. Once these are absorbed, I’d apply my face and eye serums. I’m still on my trusted ANR for face and eyes, and I’m using Diorsnow Essence, a whitening serum. I reviewed its day essence which I’ve already used up, and this one works just as well. Then, I finish off with a night cream by RVB. I sleep in an air conditioned room, so no, it’s not too much or heavy for my skin. Oh, the face oil you see on the right is something I use on alternate nights. It helps with hydration, to be used together with the night cream.



Are you tired just reading what I use? I didn’t realise my routine involves THAT many things until I wrote it. I’m about to use up my cleanser and moisturisers by RVB so I’m gonna have to purchase something else. I usually change up my routine, but when I find something that really works, like Dior One Essential and Estee Lauder ANR, they stay and get repurchased. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed ANR face serum yet, and this is like my 4th bottle already.

If there’s anything you see which you’d like me to review, do let me know. So there you are, my routine which might be lengthy, but works for me. If you ask me again in 3 months, I’d probably be using a few other different things, and that’s how the ball rolls 😉 Maybe when the time comes, I’ll update my routine.

Now that you’ve read mine, do share yours! Did you just go WHOA!! Is that friggin’ necessary??? Or is yours more complicated? I’d love to read your skincare routine too!


xoxo Lily





  • Meep! My (albeit extremely minimalist) skincare regimen consists of just three things at the moment: German Nivea, Marcelle Essentials Cleansing Milk, and a new Clarins hydrating serum that I’m testing out. I’ve tried adding more, but my sensitive skin starts freaking out if I use too many different things!

    • Lily

      Ah, how I miss those days when I only needed the basics. But Rae, your already flawless skin doesn’t need that much of a booster. Just maintenance will do, eh?

  • Stephanie/Yukaeshi

    Whoa hahaha! I use as many, if not less/the same/more than you do, but I enjoy my “lengthy” skincare routine though 🙂 Shall do a post about mine when I have the time 😛

    But to be brief for you, my mornings:

    Cleanser (Elemis Soothing Chamomile Cleanser) > Eye gel (Clarins Defining Eye Lift)> Pre-lotion serum (Astalift Jelly Aquarysta) > Toner/Lotion (Melvita Rose Floral Water) > “Serum 1” (Melvita Calendula Oil) > “Serum 2” (Melvita Sweet Almond Oil) > Moisturiser/Sunscreen (Marie Veronique Organics Moisturising Face Screen) and then makeup and finish off with Eau Thermale Avene

    My evenings:

    Pre-cleanse (Dermalogica Precleanse) > Cleanser (Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Cleanser) > Eye gel (Dr Andrew Weil For Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Eye Serum) > Toner/Lotion (Melvita Rose Floral Water) > “Serum 1” (Melvita Calendula Oil) > “Serum 2” (Melvita Sweet Almond Oil) > Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate > Sometimes if my skin needs a little extra “help”, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

    • Lily

      Our routine is quite similar 😉 I’ve skipped my day serums since I ran out of Diorsnow Day Essence…maybe it’s time to pick it up again!

  • Sounds about right to me! 😉 I have put the Dior One Essential back into my skincare and I’m working on an evening routine that is quite product intensive but which I seriously think, has helped my skin a lot. Always scary once you list it out eh? 😉

    • Lily

      It actually didn’t feel like much putting on those products. So yeah, now that I’ve listed them out, I know where my money went… LOL!

  • Janice

    Hey, I’m 23 this year. And I’m having issues with blackheads around my nose area! I have dry skin, yet i have blackheads issue. Most of the beauty assistants advised me to use a scrub. And i have been using a scrub! But if i scrub, my skin around the nose tends to get so dry it burns. like i over-scrubbed it.
    What do u suggest i do?

    I’m also focusing on hydration but i’m worried if i focus too much on hydration, i might end up having more blackheads?!

    my skin care routine:
    day : kose cleanser, kose toner, clinique eye cream, laneige moisturizer, kanebo sunblock, laneige make up base, benefit/revlon foundation

    night: bifesta cleansing water, kose cleanser, kose toner, clinique eye cream, laneige moisturizer, clinique moisture surge.
    Sometimes, Laneige sleeping pack mask, Laneige multiberry yogurt peel (the scrub), Laneige pore minimizing pack (clay mask), body shop honey oat scrub, kose peeling mask.

    • Hi Janice, I’m not a skincare professional, but my advice to you is to be more gentle with scrubbing your dry skin. If black heads are your only problem, I suggest getting a blackhead softener cream. Hydration is the key because when your skin is supple, blackheads clear out easier. When I was your age, I used to buy the blackhead busting cream from Clara International. Just apply it day and night on affected areas and within 2 weeks (WITHOUT squeezing!), the blackheads are softened and will come out on their own.

  • Kay

    Just stumbled on your blog and I like to read skincare routine post. I have combination skin and i get breakouts when my period is nearing. I do get blackheads but i exterminate (that’s how bad i hate them) weekly. To share with you my routine:

    1. Cleanse. Philosophy purity one step facial cleanser followed by Clarins Cottonseed cleanser
    2. Tone. Clarins One Step Comfort Water Cleanser or Clarins White Plus Aqua Lotion
    3. Eye care. Clarins Defining Eye Lift followed by Clarins Multi Active Eye Revive
    4. Facial Mist. DIY witch hazel mixed with lavender essential oil or geranium if I have on hand.
    5. Serum. Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Phase Serum
    6. Moisturiser. Clarins White Plus Whitening Velvet Emulsion.
    7. UV Protection. Clarins UV Plus SPF 40 in Tinted Beige or Shiseido Waterproof UV SPF 50.

    1. Remove makeup. Removing eye makeup with Sweet Almond oil, MUJI cleansing oil mixed with castor oil and peppermint essential oil for face makeup removal.
    2. Cleanse. Clarins Cottonseed cleanser followed by philosophy purity cleanser with clarisonic. I’ll substitute the cottonseed cleanser with the Clarins Tamarind Cleanser for oily to combination skin if I’m having pimples.
    3. Tone. Same as morning
    4. Eye care. Clarins Defining Eye Lift followed by Clarins Eye Contour Balm.
    5. Face mist. Same as morning
    6. Serums. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate followed by Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Phase Serum.
    7. Moisturiser. Clarins HydraQuench Cream Melt.

    Additional treatments
    1. Acid exfoliator. Every alternate nights I apply Clarins Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel before toner, let it dry and apply toner.
    2. Physical exfoliator. Every Wednesday I use Clarins Gentle Refiner (scrub). Every Saturday I use Clarins Gentle Peeling (clay-cream) or PMD personal microderm (every two weeks).
    3. Masks and etc. Every Saturday after using the peeling cream, I follow up with a clay mask (alternating between a few), then Oil Cleansing Method, ideally I will use Kose Mask White (the black mask that dries up and peel off, but I ran out of it) so now I do manual black head removal, followed by a hydrating mask.

    Saturday is my pampering day, and it takes me about 2-3 hours to complete the entire routine.

    • I love a good long comment. Thanks for dropping by Kay!! 😀
      Seems like you’re a Clarins fan! I haven’t tried any of their skincare YET… but I’m gonna change that once I’m done with what I have. Btw, does Philosophy Purity cleanser break you out? I’ve been using it on and off, and I am suspecting it is. Yay for a great skincare routine! How do you find the Kose Mask White? I’m curious…

      • Kay

        Yep! I’m a heavy Clarins user and I came across this brand while searching something that works for my extremely sensitised skin. Surprisingly I could use their whitening range which is gentle enough, so I fell in love with this brand.

        First time I tried using philosophy purity cleanser by itself, i didn’t like the way it is, non foamy, seem like it doesn’t cleanse well and I had little bumps after two weeks of usage. I stopped using it and forgot about it. When I receive my clarisonic Mia, and I finished the trial sized cleanser it came with, I googled and read that the purity cleanser works well with clarisonic, so I promptly tried and liked the combination! The non foamy texture of purity works well with clarisonic to deep cleanse the skin without stripping it of moisture. Now finishing the jumbo bottle of purity and looking forward to repurchase another 🙂

        The kose mask works best after exfoliation to clear dead skin cells and clay mask to bring the impurities up nearer to surface. Then you apply the kose mask and let it dry, it will stick onto the remaining dry flakes and/or clogged dirt/sebum and you yank it out of the root. But after I will follow up with a chilled hydrating mask to refine the pores. My pain threshold is very high, I do manual extraction myself, so I find this isn’t painful but many I talked to think the peel off sensation is hell. In singapore, we have buy one get one offer about three times a year so I’m waiting for the offer so I can stock up!

        • Cool! I wonder if I’ll be on time for the promo when I’m in Singapore 🙂 Thanks for letting me know. I shall try Purity Made Simple again with my Clarisonic and see how it goes. Great tips!!

  • Rosie

    Where do you get your RVB products from?

    • I got them from a local beauty salon 🙂