Sunday Sharing: Eye Brushes I Use Most Frequently

I love makeup brushes. I experimented with a few brands, and I’ve also tried brushes of different shapes and sizes. I am always looking for better ones, and some older ones just don’t feel good enough anymore. Yes, I’m fickle like that. However, these are the few brushes that withstood time and until I find better ones, I’m sticking to these.


For patting on eye shadow on my lids, I always go to this Sigma 239 (old numbering). It is a little denser and thicker than MAC239 which I also own and I find that I reach for this more.



For blending, there is nothing like MAC217. I also have a few Sigma brushes shaped like the MAC217, called the E25, and they perform just as well. However, the Sigma ones splay with frequent use. I’ve disposed of 2 of them because after much washing, the shape just isn’t the same anymore. I have more than 1 because I like to blend out colours using a clean blending brush. I also use this to blend out cream eyeshadows. I pat on the cream eyeshadow on my lids and blend out the edges using this brush.



To smudge out my eyeliner, I like this tiny brush from Lunasol. It is soft but firm and it doesn’t scratch my eyes at all. I don’t have large eyes, so this brush size is just right for me. It doesn’t smudge out too much colour which might make my eyes look dirty and bruised. MAC214 does the job quite well too, but I can’t get into smaller nooks and crooks due to its size.



Lastly, I use a pencil like brush to apply darker colours at the outer corners of my eyes. I like this one from Crown Brush and I have no idea what it’s called. There is no name on the brush handle. The hair can be a little scratchy on my eyes but with a light hand, it does the job quite well. I also rotate this brush with MAC219, but I like the Crown Brush one better because it’s fatter, which makes it easier to blend. When I use the MAC219, I need another blending brush to blend out the dark colours.



I have yet to try the luxury brushes like Suqqu and Hakuhodo but I’ve heard so much about them I’m using all restraint I have to stop myself from buying them. So far so good. What eye brushes do you use? If you have one or some that work for you, do let me know. I might want to try them too 🙂

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xoxo Lily