Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre: A Touch Of Powder That Blends Into Skin

I haven’t been talking much about face powders lately. I was distracted by all those pretty lip and eye products. This loose powder featured today is something that’s been around for ages. It just took me yonks to finally try it out, and I am not disappointed. Let me tell you my history with loose powders. I have never been a fan because they just slide off me in less than an hour. Also, those I tried leave a “powdered face” look so I just stick with my Lunasol one. For more coverage, I’d use a compact powder foundation.

I don’t know what got into me, when I bought this. I guess many raved about it and I got curious. And then, it looks nice on my vanity table.



My shade is 20 Claire. I am still a newb when it comes to Chanel products and shades, so I’m not sure why there are shade differences in loose powders. I wonder if it makes a difference if I used a darker one. If any of you can enlighten me, I’d be more than willing to learn!



The poudre universelle libre comes in a sturdy plastic container, with its signature black and white logo. The container looks just like any other loose powder so there really isn’t much to say. It comes with a powder puff which is soft and fluffy, but it’s also nothing special… not that it is extra soft or extra plush. I cannot detect any scent which comes with most of Chanel products but I didn’t exactly put my nose into the powder and sniff. I’d hate to think what’d happen to my sensitive nose!

The powder however, has changed my mind about loose powders in general. It is very finely milled and very subtle. Once you press the powder onto the face, the powder melts into skin, leaving a smooth finish. There is no trace of powder whatsoever! No matter how much I pile on, the powder doesn’t settle into lines. Great for under eye area! It does not leave my skin matte and flat. There is still a soft sheen that peeks through. I’ve read some reviews likening this to MUFE HD powder, but since I haven’t tried that before, I can’t comment. Also, I find that my face stays shine free for at least 4 hours, which is definitely a feat!



What I don’t like though, as with most loose powders, is the fact that it’s too bulky to travel with me. It’s too big to keep in my bag for touch ups, and I don’t even want to get creative to depot some product. Soooo messy. I’m also thinking how to wash the powder puff. I guess if I ruined it, I’ll just buy another one. There are plenty of powder puffs around 😉

At RM153 for 30g of powder, it’s not terribly pricey, and I’d recommend you get it at the store. I checked the price online, and it’s much more expensive. I have a feeling I’ll be using this for a long long time, because I only need a small amount of product each application.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? Do you prefer loose powders to compact ones?


xoxo Lily


  • This is my absolute hg powder! I ever carry it around because yeah it’s ot that handy, but besides that it’s great, the fnish is amazing, ever too powdery on me. I have the one in claire too. I thik that the darker oes are more suitable for darker skintones because I can imagine that claire ca look ashy on them?

    • Lily

      I remember reading your post about your favourites and this was one of them! I’ve read so many good things about this, I had to try 🙂 I didn’t regret at all… but I still wonder how you carry this with you. Granted it’s not heavy, but it’s definitely bulky! 🙂

  • Sounds good! It’s not pricey as this is 30g. Estee Lauder one is RM130 for 18g. Gonna buy this after my EL finish 🙂

    • Lily

      You really should. The price is quite reasonable now that you’ve mentioned Estee Lauder’s only 18g. Let me know how it goes for you. I’d love to know 🙂

  • Liyeun

    Hmm, interesting. Im currently using Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Loose Powder in Pale Yellow. All loose powder looks powdery to me, so I guess I shall try this once BB’s finished.

    • Lily

      Oh, I used to use Pale Yellow too, but somehow, when my face gets a little oily, the powder kinda oxidized and I looked orange. I really have NO IDEA why. I ended up giving it to a friend. You really have to try this. It’s not powdery no matter how much I pile on and it’s awesome for under eye area and T-zone – DOES NOT sink into pores or fine lines. Need I say more?
      I wouldn’t wait for the BB one’s finished *evil wink*

      • Liyeun

        Hahahaha…!!!! Luckily i didnt get dat from BB. It goes matte on me, where it accentuates lines. So i piled up moisturizer before applying sunscreen, base, foundie, etc…. So im just gonna finish this first before buying a new one. Im still comtemplating to get skii or this….

        • Lily

          SKII? I’m afraid of that brand because it breaks me out. So I usually run the other way when I see the counter. Mostly because I’ll get curious and think “Maybe this won’t break me out…” and end up crying for my skin. LOL!

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Oh darn it, I think the universe is conspiring to make me buy this powder ASAP! I’ve heard too many good things about it now!

    • Lily

      That’s how I felt before, but now that I got it, I have to help spread the word somehow. This is truly awesome 🙂

  • Petrina

    I’ve been using Clinique’s Blended face powder and still like it. But I’ve heard wonders of Caron face powder and am just waiting for someone to bring a tub back fr Paris for me!! Maybe I should try this one if I’m still unable to obtain the Caron seeing that most Chanel face products suit me very well.

    • Lily

      Caron face powder? I must look into that! 🙂

  • I’ve never tried any foundations or powders from Chanel before–just blush and eyeshadow and lip gloss. This powder sounds lovely–is it truly translucent?? For finishing powders, I usually go for loose powders–I just always feel like I get a more airy finish. I am currently using the MUFE HD powder and it’s nice, but I like the MAC Transparent Finishing Powder better I think. I could layer that stuff on to my hearts content and never get any whitish cast to my skin. With the MUFE HD, I think there is a slight white cast and reflectiveness to the skin if you use too much

    • Lily

      I was told this powder is similar in texture with MUFE HD but I haven’t tried the latter (or MAC for that matter( so I’m not sure. This powder is not translucent – the one I have is the lightest of the lot. However, I really don’t see any coverage -__-” There is no whitish cast whatsoever, and my skin does look very lovely no matter how much I pile on. I also find that it keeps my face shine free longer than other loose powders 🙂

  • Sawpore

    I guess this loose powder must be good, because I keep reaching for it and after almost a year I’ve almost finished up the whole big tub. Would definitely repurchase but I’m going to try Laura Mercier next because I’ve heard good reviews too 🙂

    • Lily

      Wow, you must like it a lot 🙂 I tried the Laura Mercier one before but I think I prefer this. Heh!

  • Marianthi

    This is the powder that stopped my search for powders.

    It is simply amazing and I too have noticed that it is perfect for undereye since it refuses to look overdone. It just refuses, no matter how much I use.

    I took off the thingie with the holes (sifter?) and just touch my kabuki on the powder itself, soooo easy. It is also extremely long-lasting as product, it has seen almost 2 years of daily use plus a lot that got spilled when removing the sifter(?) and it still has much left.

    What more can I say? I love this powder.

    • Lily

      Hi Marianthi, you really love this don’t you? I don’t think I’ll be taking the sifter out though. I’m just too clumsy for that. Haha!

  • Wynnce

    Wondering if this has some level of coverage? Or totally translucent?

    • There’s a teeny weeny bit of coverage… which disappears after an hour or so. I’ve used it on its own once or twice, just to mattify my face after skincare, but that’s about it.