Estee Lauder Pure Color Quick-Thick EyeLiner Punker Black should be made permanent!

I’m a little late. This Quick-Thick Eyeliner is released together with the Violet Underground palette, part of the Fall 2012 collection. This is liquid eyeliner in pen form. It’s a pen liner! I’ve run out of black liquid liner, so I’ve been using this a lot – the only one in my stash. It’s becoming one of my favourites, and I’m sad that I won’t be able to repurchase.


This pen liner is thick and stubby, just like a white board marker. Well, not as fat as a marker, but just enough for a comfortable hold. The pen does look like a Sharpie, it is stiff and effortless to control. It is shorter than your usual eye liner, and just an inch extra would add more comfort to hold. Only if the cap could add some length… Below are 2 photos to show you what the pen looks like. I compared it to Revlon and Urban Decay pencil eyeliners so you can have some perspective of the thickness and the length.




Punker Black is very pigmented, and I have no problem drawing a very fine line with it. I just have to use less pressure when drawing on my eyes. I find that when I draw a thicker line, the ink takes a little longer to dry, but I didn’t experience any transfers or smudging. During the testing phase, I’ve worn it on its own without eyeshadow or mascara, to see if there are any smudging on my eyes. I’m glad to report that there is none. If I were to improve on the formula, I would probably want it to be waterproof. Don’t wanna cry black tears, ladies!



In the picture above, I used Punker Black without mascara to let you see how close I could get to my lash line. I could also draw a pretty pointed wing with it, so great news there! I got this for RM80 about a little more than a month ago and the pen is still going strong. I don’t know how long this will last, and I would be ecstatic if a waterproof version of this is made permanent.

Did you manage to give this a try? I wonder if it’s still available….


xoxo Lily