Sunday Sharing: Face Brushes I Use Most Frequently

Since I shared my most frequently used eye brushes previously, I thought I’d complete the series with a face brush edition 😉 I usually like to rotate my brushes so that they won’t feel abandoned or neglected but there are a few that I always reach for. I will share with you what I love to use for powder, foundation, concealer and blush. Ready?


Let’s start with the brush I like to use for face powder. You can choose dense brushes for more coverage, but I prefer a light dusting of powder to set my liquid foundation. For that, I love the softness of my Lunasol face brush. It is not too big, and the fluffiness of the natural hair feels like whispering soft wind, tickling my face. It is a hefty investment, but I’ve been using it so regularly since I bought it last year that it’s totally worth it. Beats scratching my face every morning, ruining a beautiful start of the day, don’t you think?



For liquid foundations, I sometimes use my fingers because some foundations perform better when applied using fingers anyway. However, when I really want to buff in the product, I find I’ve been reaching for Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I used to like my Sigma flat top kabuki brush, but this expert face brush has replaced it completely. It is a soft and dense synthetic brush, and I can work in the foundation so fast, it’s amazing! It doesn’t drag my skin, doesn’t streak and best of all, it’s affordable! Another one I grab often is the little Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. This is a little gem that packs a punch. Small enough to get into little nooks and crooks, yet not too small that it’s tedious for application.



Our fingers are very handy in applying undereye concealers because the warmth melts the product and works it into our skin. However, for spots, I prefer using a brush – an eyeliner brush at that. The small pointy tip provides more accurate coverage and I’ll just use my ring finger to lightly dab on the concealed areas to blend them out.



Last but not least, blush brush, for powder blush (try saying that 10 times!!). It is very important that blush is well blended so that said face does not look like baboon’s ridiculously horrendous red arse. I sometimes reach for my MAC blush brush then blend out the edges with a kabuki brush, but there is one brush that minimizes all the hassle and delivers soft blended cheeks. The much raved about Suqqu cheek brush…it is NOT. It is my humble Lunasol blush brush. This is also made of natural hair and I wouldn’t use it to apply cream / liquid blush for fear of ruining the bristles. No matter how pigmented the blush is, this brush diffuses it softly and goes onto the skin like it glows from within. Exaggerated? You have to try it to know I’m telling you the truth.



How do you like my selection so far? If you’d like a detailed review of an individual brush, do let me know and I’ll try to oblige. What are your go to face brushes? Do share!


xoxo Lily