Want Eye Shadows To Die For? Giorgio Armani Helps With Eyes To Kill

Where have I been? I must be blind and deaf to have missed these gems. I got my hands on a couple of Armani Eyes To Kill Eye Shadows a few months back and they are awesomeness jam packed into a glass jar. I’m late in discovering these, but hey, better late than never.


As you’ve probably read before, the L’Oreal Infallible Eye shadows are always being compared to these. I’m not going into detailed comparisons, but with the obvious price difference, you’d expect these ETK to perform 5 times better. The packaging is definitely sturdy and luxurious, heavy glass jars. These ETK eye shadows are called hybrid, but based on my humble personal opinion, these are loose powders pressed into a jar. I find the texture of these eyeshadows to be rich and heavy, creamy and smooth, crazy pigmented and absolutely complex. The 2 eyeshadows featured below are #4 (left) and #24 (right).



#4, also called Pulp Fiction, looks like silver with red and purple sparkles in the jar. #24 Smokey Copper to me looks like black with gold sparkles, with hints of olive. There is no way in knowing what these colours really look like when worn by just looking at the jar. The composition of the colours is complicated and mysterious in a way. One must swatch it to know what the colour looks like. On my fair yellow undertones, #4 Pulp Fiction is a silvery grey with hints of reddish taupe. #24 Smokey Copper is a very dark blackened brown with gold accents. The golden olive tones I saw earlier is not translated onto my skin.




Here is a day time look I created with #4 Pulp Fiction on my lids, blended up and out and #24 Smokey Copper pressed onto my lash line for very natural definition. Once I have the time, I will post another FOTD with #24 Smokey Copper as focus.




These ETK eye shadows stay on my bare lids for at least 8 hours without fading or creasing. I have fallen head over heels for these babies. They are expensive, about RM100 (give or take) a pop and that aside, I’ve made up my mind to slowly but surely add more to my collection. These 2 are quite lonely at the moment 😉

Have you tried these Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eye Shadow? What is your favourite shade? Any recommendations?


xoxo Lily