Hide Your Blemishes With MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

Now you see it, now you don’t! What are you to do while waiting for your zit to go away? How can you hide some slight discoloration or marks on your face? Some concealers do the trick, some do a half assed job, while others just don’t do much. This one by Make Up For Ever does it really well.


I bought this at Sephora a while back because I wanted to hide some hideous breakouts along my jawline. My concealer was at home more than 200km away, so the best option for me was to purchase one. I was recommended this Full Cover concealer and it blew me away. Usually, with my MAC Studio Sculpt or Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, it takes a little to cover redness, but a lot to cover darker marks. MUFE Full Cover covers where others fail. I kid you not.



All you have to do is to squeeze out some product on the back of your hand, use a small brush to dip on the product, apply onto blemishes and blend it out by lightly patting with your finger. Of course, you can just apply with your finger, whatever suits your fancy. I just like the brush method for more precise application. You can see in the swatch below that this concealer is quite thick in texture. There is actually another swatch left to the stripe but it is blended out so you can’t see it.



This concealer stays on for more than 5 hours on me, and by the 8th hour, there is still some light coverage. For me, it is quite impressive already. Usually, my concealer slides off before my foundation even after setting it with powder. I do not use this under my eyes because I find the coverage too heavy for my delicate under eye area. However, if you want a concealer that does all, you might want to apply this VERY sparingly under your eyes. The thickness of the texture makes it sit in fine lines.



The only gripe I have about this is the price tag. I expected it to be about RM80 but if I’m not mistaken, I paid about RM110 for this? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I got this a while back, and I’ve forgotten how much I paid for it. I am happy that this product conceals very well, but I’d be happier if it’s a little more affordable. Have you tried this before? How does it work on you?

What concealers are you using now?


xoxo Lily



    Thank you for posting, darling 😛 I’ve been meaning to check this one out, but (with the -xanes in the ingredients list) I’ll have to give it a skip. That said, though — it does sound pretty excellent.

    • Too bad about the ingredients Rae. Yes, this one covers very well. If you found one that suits your skin, be sure to let us know!

  • Charlotte

    Been wanting to try this for a long time! But it is hard to find MUFE in Melbourne and cosmetics here are generally more expensive, Grrrr.. Guess I’ll have to wait til I’m back in Malaysia to get my hands on this! 😀

    • Yes, cosmetics in Australia, ridiculously overpriced! I feel the pain for you 😉 Definitely come back to get it if you can.

  • Ooh this sounds nice! I’ve been thinking that even though I usually don’t bother with concealer (other than my new Giorgio Armani which I use under my eyes), it might be nice to have one *just in case* I have an emergency or I go somewhere where I want to look flawless. This one seems nice and I like that it has a fluid, creamy texture. I used to use the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer exclusively but I find that I’ve been craving something with a more fluid texture lately

    • This one covers very well, and less creamy than Bobbi Brown’s. I find BB ones slide off rather easily. You should try this one. It does give face a cleaner look, without little marks here and there 😛

  • Charlotte

    Oh damn! When I was in Malaysia for my semester break, I saw this and I thought I should try it after I finished my then-current concealer. Then, I totally forgotten about it! 🙁 And I’m in Aussie now, kinda hard to find MUFE products here and the cosmetics here are generally more expensive, so I guess I’ll just have to wait til I’m back in Malaysia again =/

    • Charlotte

      Yikes! Sorry for the double postings, I thought my previous comment didn’t passed through so I commented again >< You can delete this one, Lily..

      • It’s OK 🙂 I rescued a few comments from the spam queue. It’s weird… obviously my Akismet (spam checker) is going bonkers. LOL!

  • C

    Hey, may I know what is your shade?