Is Lash King really the King of Mascaras?

Lash King. That’s quite a big name. I wonder if Dowager of Mascaras can beat that 😉 This is my first Japanese brand mascara and I remember some of you recommending this mascara to me too. So when this landed on my table, I was of course excited to try. Naturally, my expectation is for a positive review too.



I would expect this mascara to target those with straight and fine lashes because most of us Asians have that trait. While I envy some of my friends who have thick curly lashes, I just make sure I get some extra help from mascaras. I like my mascara to be volumising and lengthening while holding my curls all at the same time. Did Lash King do it for me?



The packaging is definitely something out of the ordinary. I pulled out all my mascaras and they do not look as pretty. I pulled out the wand and was really surprised to see this (see picture below). One look and I thought this mascara is perhaps of drier texture, and there is definitely lots of fibre to fake longer lashes. I’ve read some reviews saying this formula is rather wet, but the one I have is anything but. And yes, the shade is Brown. I usually use black mascaras, so this brown is a breath of fresh air. I was surprised at how it makes my eyes look softer, so my eye makeup has to be lighter and more natural as well.



Again, photo below shows you how thick the texture is. You can also see a hint of glitter, which doesn’t translate onto the lashes. During application, I find that the wand grabs every fibre of my lashes. I like to wiggle the wand at the root of my lashes then brush it up and out without the zigzag motion. This mascara is quite “sticky”, I can’t find a better word for it, and I feel like I need to work a little faster before it dries. So, instead of applying one coat of mascara on both eyes before the next coat, I actually work on one eye before the other.



Here is the customary before after photo which is self explanatory. Nothing life changing, but it gets the job done 😉 Wish my lashes separate even more like what Diorshow Extase does to my lashes, but oh well, can’t have everything!



The Majolica Majorca Lash King can be found at Watsons and it retails for RM59.90. You might get a bargain when there is storewide discount from Watsons. My thoughts? This mascara does most of the things I want – volumises, lengthens, curls (just doesn’t separate lashes that well). The fibres didn’t irritate my eyes, nor did it flake after hours of wear. I don’t have a tough time removing the mascara even though I would have preferred those you can just wash off. The only thing I don’t like is the drier texture, which is exactly what some of you are looking for. So if you’re looking for a mascara and you haven’t given this a shot, it’s worth a try.

Have you Lash King-ed your lashes before? What are your thoughts? Companies are coming out with new formula of mascaras all the time, so I’m not surprised if this king has his throne toppled some time in the future… maybe even my its own brand. Just sayin’!


xoxo Lily


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