My Lust For Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait in M27 Luxure

It was lust at first sight. I knew I had to have it. There were so many shades, and I had my eye on Luxure. Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait is a long lasting matte liquid lipstick and Luxure is like sex on a wand.


The tube of liquid lipstick is heavy reflective metal, not unlike its Rouge G lipstick counterparts. You pull open the tube and twist to access the wand. For those who aren’t very good at figuring out the mechanism of this little architecture, there is instruction provided. There is a little colour tab at the tip of the tube, coded to reflect the shade of the lipstick inside. As you see in the photo below, the little red tab is the code for Luxure. If you own more than one of these Rouge G L’Extrait, this colour coded tab comes very handy.



This liquid lipstick comes with a mirror attached to the tube ( which adds to the weight) and the small doe foot applicator makes for precise application. For such a pigmented red like Luxure, it is important that you can draw precisely. Bolder colours are tricky to apply, and there is always an option to use your lip brush. Just put some product at the back of your hand, and apply as you normally would with your brush. For less pigmentation, I dabbed some on my lips using my fingers and it acts like a stain.



This matte liquid lipstick does not dry out my lips. While I do feel like there’s a thin film on my lips, I don’t feel the need to take if off and slather lip balm to save myself. My lips remain quite comfortable. There are many reviews saying that this lipstick transfers, and I have to agree. A drink of water, your glass will be stained. A drink of coffee? There is no way you can be modest about your statement lips because you would have stamped the cup with your lips. I also agree with fellow blogger Paris B of My Women Stuff that this lipstick does not last you through a heavy Asian meal. However, it’s great to note that while the colour fades, it fades evenly. There is no unsightly lip ring which I absolutely dread.

This is how Luxure wears on my lips. Even though it is matte, it does not settle into lines nor does it look flat.



Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait is a permanent line and retails for RM161 a pop. Expensive? Can’t deny that. However, Luxure makes me feel sexy and confident. While it is bold, it is not too bright and suits my skin tone very well. I can wear it to a dinner party and I know that even if I didn’t touch up after food, I won’t end up walking around with a hideous lip ring.

If you want a more affordable liquid lipstick, you could look at Shiseido lacquer rouge. However, the texture is something that is unique to Guerlain. Have you tried this Rouge G L’Extrait yet? What shade would you be interested in?


xoxo Lily


  • I’m seriously thinking of just getting over with it already and buy the whole line because I don’t think there is a single shade that I don’t love! I soooo love the matte finish on this and yes the fading is really evenly. Luxure really looks amazing on you Lily!

    • I have the same thinking! I want to get everything 🙂 There is a darker berry shade that I’m eyeing on. And of course, there is Gourmandise. Yeah, I think you said it right. All shades are beautiful. Since this is permanent, I guess we have time to collect all? LOL!

  • xin

    looking hot! i still have a tube of blood red rouge G unused >< haven't finished admiring it yet

    • Thank you <3 Once you're done admiring it, remember to write about it k? LOL!

  • You look amazing! I love this shade, and hearing that it fades evenly makes it sound even better.

    • Thanks Larie 🙂 I don’t have many reds, but this, I absolutely love! The texture just makes it more lust worthy <3

  • Love the look of Luxure in tube & on you 🙂 Not terribly keen on getting another for now, primarily because as beautiful as it is to wear, I feel its lacking something. Can’t put my finger on what yet, but I do love the Rouge G lipsticks – maybe try that one next first 😉

    • Oh, I have one Rouge G, in Brenda. It is soooo wearable and I have to blog about that soon 🙂

  • Jen Nie

    the tube is so beautiful, (i know i am shallow). am tempted to get a bold red lippy in that. how to eat & keep the red lippy intact?

    • Packaging matters! This red lipstick stays on even through a meal. It fades for sure, but fades evenly. So you can either wear it as a stain, or reapply wherever you are because there is a mirror attached. Handy eh?

      • Jen Nie

        now i have a reason to get one… 🙂

        • For sure 🙂 Let me know if you did and show pics!

  • Hanny Daforcena

    I have a liquid lipstick that’s on it’s last legs because I use it so darned often – Collection 2000’s Cream Puff lipstick which was featured in one of Lisa Eldridge’s videos. I got Sukie to haul it back for me end of last year heh heh~

    Oh gosh that you do look GREAT with that red! Sounds like another Investment piece!

    • Thanks Hanny 🙂 Sounds like you have to replenish soon… could give this a thought!

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Loook at you!!! I love this shade on you! Each time I see one of these reviewed I’m convinced that’s the next one I’ll get, but I keep changing my mind LOL

    • Thank you Sunny! I think all the shades are beautiful. Other than Gourmandise, I’m also looking at Orgueil 😉

  • Claire

    gorgeous! even though I hate the packaging, I am really weak and tempted to get my third baby 😀 I love the colour on you, glad to see a lot of reds and vamps this year, because I love them 🙂

    • Oh I know what you mean about reds and vamps. I just got the rouge G, waiting for my Gigolo to come in the mail. Lol!

      • Claire

        LOL! I hope you will have a lot of fun with your gigolo 😀 I love this colour so much! Guerlain is doinf an amazing job lately, I just love this brand more and more!

        • I think the gigolo will make me very happy. Haha! Your latest post on the Liu Eye And Lip Calligraphy Palette isn’t helping either. I’m drooling 😀

  • Soooo pretty on you–and damn is your hair looking fab in these pics! Don’t you just LOVE the Guerlain formula? I really prefer it over the Hourglass one but I am curious about the Shiseido! Maybe that one will be next! I also really want to try the YSL ones! Ah, look at me…the former lipstick-phobe gabbing away about lipstick! 😛

    • It’s definitely a blogger’s disease, I tell you. I was not a lipstick person, and even if I wore lipstick, they’re always natural nude peachy pink colours. NEVER red. I’m getting bolder and bolder, and I’m very sure it’s because of blogging! I wonder if it’s a good thing 😉
      Yes, I do love the Guerlain formula! I haven’t tried Hourglass, but Shiseido is definitely more drying. After about 5 hours, there’s flaking, but the colours are still gorgeous 🙂 And thank you for the compliments on the hair… I didn’t even do anything. Must be the photo cropping. LOL!

  • Mary

    Hi, I recently purchases Rouge G De Guerlain L’Extrait in Pareuse and I love the colour. I am having difficulty closing the container though. I have followed the directions and find it easy to open. I just have a lot of trouble trying to get the container closed properly. If you can help me out and tell me exactly how you get it closed that would be appreciated. I put the applicator inside and turn and try to push it into place. Please help.

    • Did you make sure you pulled the tube out when you were opening it? If the tube isn’t pulled out, it’s impossible for you to twist it close later and snap it shut. I hope that helped.

      • Mary

        Thanks for your help. It is closing with no difficulty now.

        • Glad it worked, Mary 🙂