My Skincare Staple: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, or as many people affectionately call it as ANR has been part of my skincare routine for a long time. I’ve always wanted to talk about this, and my delay is caused by the believe that many people should already know the ANR by now. So why should I talk about it? Well, it’s because I really love this product and it is my skincare staple. I thought I’d also show you this limited edition anniversary packaging, which I bought a while back (nearly empty now). So don’t worry if you thought it looked a bit different 😉



This is an anti-aging serum which is supposed to keep our skin looking youthful for longer. The 30 years of innovation promises to improve uneven skin tone, provide hydration and neutralize environmentally generated free radicals. I have been using this serum for 2 years now, and I’ve never looked back. The yellowish serum comes in a glass bottle and the dropper allows maximum control of how much you use. One big squeeze will fill up the dropper, and I usually use about 8 drops for my entire face and neck. The serum is thick and a little tacky, so I massage in the serum. Once it is fully absorbed, skin does not feel heavy or tacky anymore. In fact, skin feels softer and smoother immediately, and you wake up to dewy skin.


This serum goes well with many other serums because it allows for better absorption of products. I used to have dry bits around my mouth and really annoying stubborn white heads on my chin. Just 2 weeks on the ANR got rid of those pesky little things. Marks from pimples heal faster too. I stopped using the ANR for about 2 months (to try other products) but I find that my skin clogs easier and lacks the luminosity. Once I’m back, I see an improvement. My skin is better when I’m on the ANR, but the effects do not linger long once you get off it.



I like to use the ANR after cleanser and toner, before my other serums and moisturizer. Also, I use it at night only. I was too enthusiastic when I was in Australia. The cold weather made my skin dry and I used the ANR day and night. Broke me out, I’m afraid! I guess too much of a good thing can be dangerous 😉 I think I have less than a month’s use left in this bottle and I am going to purchase a back up. This is an expensive staple, and I am not excited to probably add this in my October Empties post, but it’s worth it. I am still using the little sister, ANREye, since the last time I discovered it. If it works, why change it, eh? ESPECIALLY when I get questions like: Why don’t I see any fine lines on your face when you’re older than I am? Why isn’t there crow’s feet when you smile? Precious 🙂

Anti ageing products do not stop ageing, but just delaying it for a few years is great news already. I will one day have lines on my face, for sure, but I don’t have it now when I should. So that means I’m on the right track, right? Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx myself.

Do you use the ANR? Do you have a skincare staple? By the way, the limited edition 75ml bottle is now for sale (RM395 a bottle). I might just pick that up instead. Bargain 😉


xoxo Lily