Narcissism Fed To The Max. A Little Self Gratification!

Hello hello! You’d probably know that I hardly ever randomly put up posts in the middle of the day, but here’s an announcement. ChloeAsh is mentioned in The Star newspaper Section 2 today! Thanks to Hanny for notifying me! So hello The Star newspaper readers! I was interviewed ages ago, I really have forgotten about it.

Image from The Star Newspaper 15 Oct 2012 Star2 p4


To read the article online, go here. And just to clarify, I am NOT “lavished” with free makeup samples -__-“. There is no free lunch in this world. However, I did blush a little when described as an attractive mother-of-two. Aaw… LOL!

Thanks for indulging me and my huge head and someone please knock me back to the ground. It’s not that huge a deal. I have something fun lined up for you on Wednesday so see you then!


xoxo Lily