Prep Your Skin with Dior Radiant Base for Dewy Skin

Do liquid foundations sometimes just sit on your skin and no matter how you buff it in, it just refuses to blend into the skin? Do powder foundations make you look all cakey and well, powdery? Do foundations look patchy and especially oily around your T-zone by midday? I experienced all 3 before, and Dior Radiant Base Skin-Refining Pro Lighting Makeup Base got rid of them!


Doesn’t the packaging look familiar? Doesn’t it remind you of Diorskin Forever liquid foundation? This makeup base comes in 2 shades, 001 (pink) and 002 (golden beige). 001 is supposed to brighten your skin and 002 tones down redness, while both promise to give your skin a radiant glow. My skin gets red when I’m hot so I avoid pink bases (they emphasize my redness). I’m happy I went with 002 because it helps my skin look calm and cool as cucumber! Some say yellow bases make their skin look sallow, but it’s the opposite effect on me. You have to know your skin, how it reacts to certain colours, to choose. Don’t just depend on beauty consultants. Get some samples and try it on.



One pump of this radiant base is enough to cover my face and neck. There is the smooth silicone feel to it, and I’m not too bothered because my skin doesn’t react badly to it. Actually, I do like how it coats my skin like silk before I apply my foundation. Both liquid and powder foundations go on without a hitch, blending into skin owning it. Lovely! Foundations stay on longer with this primer, and I didn’t have to blot even after 5 hours of wear. There is no unsightly patchiness and foundations did not melt around my T-zone either.



I like that this base actually adds dimension to a flat matte foundation. There is a subtle glow that shines through and I also like to wear this radiant base alone. It softly evens out my skin tone, making it look like I just had a good facial a few days ago. Do you know what effect I’m talking about? This is the closest description I can think of. LOL! Too bad my photography skills aren’t up to par. No matter how hard I try, I just couldn’t capture the dewy glow I’m trying to tell you. Frustrating!



I captured the ingredients list for you and yes, you see a lot of “–cones” around. If you’re not allergic to it, I do think it is worth a try. At RM125 a bottle, I think it is quite affordable for a Dior product. I don’t know if it refines my skin in the long run, since my skincare has been doing great things, but the immediate effect is noticeably gorgeous šŸ™‚



Are you using any face primers?Ā Have you tried this makeup base before? The next time you walk past Dior, I suggest you give this a try. There is nothing I don’t like about it, from the scent to texture to effects. I guess I wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t like it… so I’m just trying to enable you to take a peek. You might be missing out otherwise!


xoxo Lily