Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils don’t glide much

24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils. From the name, I expect these pencils to be long lasting and apply smoothly. I have 3 pencils here, which I picked up when there was a 10% discount on HQHair a while ago. Do I think they are aptly named? Read on to find out!


These pencils are a little stubby but they are comfortable to hold. Each pencil body is the colour of the shade. As you see below, Narc is a green, Rehab a muted plummy brown and Wasteland a dark brown taupe. They remind me a little of Clinique’s Chubby Sticks but these do not twist. These pencils need to be sharpened, which I think is inconvenient. I love these 3 shades that are right up my alley. They are good as a base, and they make the easiest smokey eye! Just swipe it carelessly on your lids and smudge them out using your finger and you’re set to go. There are subtle shimmers so the colours don’t look flat. I wouldn’t recommend blending it out using a brush because the colours dry too quickly.



When worn alone without primer, I can see signs of fading and creasing by the 5th hour. When worn with powder eye shadow over it, the holding power is extended by another 3 hours at least.¬†While the colours are beautiful and pigmented, these pencils do anything but glide on my lids. In fact, they are dry and stiff. I need to tug my eye a little taut before applying so that my lids won’t be dragged around. That, I don’t like. I expected it to be as smooth and buttery as their sibling pencil eye liners, but it’s no match at all. Quite disappointing, really. These pencils dry rather quickly too. If you don’t use them for a month or two, they dry up. The only remedy is to sharpen it. Then it’s good to go.



Due to the texture, I don’t use these 3 pencils that frequently. I do make an effort to remember them, because I do like the colours but then, it’s an effort. I would rather use their pencil liners in place of these shadow pencils. Either way, the Glide On Shadow Pencils are still much better than MAC grease paint sticks which smell like grease, literally.



From what I’ve written above, it’s not a surprise that I will not be repurchasing these. If I tested these in person, I wouldn’t have picked up any at all. That’s the risk of shopping online. In short, colour: like, texture: dislike. As for the name, the only thing spot on other than the brand name is the word “Pencil”.

Have you tried these before? Do you have similar experiences or was I sent duds?


xoxo Lily