A Brief Review on Dior Diorific Vernis Lady 011

The Grand Bal Collection brings you nail polishes that look rather unique. Some think they look like light bulbs, Christmas tree ornaments and what have you. Either way, I still think they look cute. Probably not what Dior is going for, but oh wellz 😛




The Diorific Vernis applies quite easily despite its packaging. The brush is not the wide flat tapered one that I love, but it is just like any other brushes out there. I don’t have a problem applying and the little gold knob fits quite nicely between my fingers.




Lady is a sheer pearly white that would have looked fantastic… if it didn’t streak. I don’t know if this is supposed to streak so bad, but I have a hard time getting an even coat on my nails. First coat is sheer and uneven and streaky, second coat is better still streaky and third coat makes it more opaque but STILL streaky. I thought it was my application technique, but when I checked, this seems to be the review across the web. I would have liked it much much more if the finish makes my nails look like pearly shells.



Did you get any of these Diorific Vernis? Which shade caught your attention? I had my eye on the sparkling black one but never got round to purchasing it. Do you have a pearl nail polish that applies better?


xoxo Lily