Dior Diorific Grand Bal Marilyn 653: The Asian Version

What? Asian Version? Yes, you read that right. Some brands have Asian exclusive, some Europe / USA exclusive. This time however is not about exclusivity. What we are getting resemble those lipsticks from Japanese brands. I assume it is the mass preference of different markets. Do Asians prefer sheerer lipsticks? My guess is majority do, based on the research that brands conduct anyway. I did my own research by asking around, and truthfully, majority do not like bold lips. Also, many people still do not read beauty blogs. They prefer magazines. Just sayin’.


The packaging is as you’ve seen all along. For these Diorific lipsticks, we get little gold nuggets that look like hand weights. It’s the best possible description I can give it. I’ve read some tweets about the shape of these lipsticks, and their descriptions are hardly PG rated. Furthermore, it gets you wondering… how do these people know what a butt plug looks like? LOL!



If you’ve noticed, Diorific Grand Bal Marilyn is numbered 040 in The States, and from the online swatches, Marilyn 040 is a pigmented red with slight pink undertones. What we get in Asia is number 653, and is a sheerer version. The lipstick bullet looks bright doesn’t it? When I first opened it, I thought it was going to be bright red on my lips. What I got was a little unexpected, especially after what I saw online. I didn’t think much of it initially. I thought maybe they really piled on the lipstick for the swatches. I was wrong. Thanks Sunny for alerting me!



So I contacted Dior and was told that there’s an Asian version of these lipsticks. What we get here are sheerer, and the finish is less intense. I find it to be very wearable, even work appropriate. The lipstick glides on smoothly and feels like lip balm. It keeps my lips moisturized and the glossy finish makes red so much easier to wear. Photo below shows 2 layers of Marilyn on my lips. Isn’t it less intimidating than Marilyn 040? Due to the balmy texture, this lipstick only wears about 3 hours on me and there are signs of fading. However, it is so easy to wear that I don’t mind re-applying. There is no flaking or patchiness. Lips are kept smooth and comfortable. I don’t own many reds so I can’t think of any dupes.



I predict that the hefty price tag will probably keep many people away. Not many are willing to pay RM104 for a tube of lipstick and while I love the texture, I’m not a huge fan of the tube itself. If you ask me for a drugstore comparable, I would say there is none. Even though you might find a shade that is a close match, you will probably have a hard time finding one that will give you this texture. Nearly all drugstore lipsticks that I tried make my lips flake after 4 hours of wear, and that includes Revlon Lip Butters.

Have you tried these? What do you think of this 653 compared to 040? Do you prefer lipsticks like this or do you prefer those with intense pigmentation?


xoxo Lily


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  • Hanny Daforcena

    OOO this is very pretty! But the US/EU version is stunning… Glad you liked yours!

    • This one is different to those opaque crazy pigmented ones. For those who are red-lip beginners, this will sit well with them. For those who are already red-lip experts, I’m sure they have bold reds in their collection already. Either way, this is a pick me up when you feel gloomy for sure. Not very glamourous, but very wearable 🙂

  • I like this one! grr i wish brands would stop making different versions of things! It is such a pain!

    • It’s probably due to different preferences of the majority. It gives an interesting topic for the blog though. Haha!

  • So funny that they made a different version, I quite like it though. On the other hand it’s a bit confusing, lol.

    • Confusing is the right word! LOL

  • Charlotte

    Oh! It looks pretty on you! Looks more pinkish than reddish though.. or was it due to the lighting?

    • Its a pinkish red I would say. And because of the sheen and lighting also 🙂

  • Oh wow, this REALLY is different! The formula we get here delivers intense pigmentation! I think I might prefer the European way. My lips are naturally pigmented, so sheer lipsticks very often don’t make any difference. It’s nice to have some in the arsenal, but nowadays I’m much bolder 🙂

    • I can totally understand what you’re saying here. This is quite pretty in real life but the pigmented one is dramatic. Too bad we don’t get to choose which version we prefer, eh?

  • Oh goodness that is SO pretty on you! It almost looks pink on your lips. I like it though!

    • Glad you like it too Becca 🙂 It does seem pink in photos, but in real life, it’s a little more red with a tinge of pink.

  • Petrina

    This is such a pretty shade 🙂 I wonder why they can’t just release a different version with a different name to avoid confusion? It’s the same with the Rouge in Love Lancôme lipsticks as well!!

    • Oh I’m not familiar with Rouge In Love, but now that I think about it, L’Oreal Infallible eye shadows are confusing as well. Same colours, different names in different countries. I wonder why they do that. LOL!

  • Deepa N

    OMGeee!!! I knew it!!! I saw the Christmas collection over a week ago at Isetan Lot 10, the S.A was JUST putting it out, and I pounced n the lippies, and lo behold the Lipsticks were very different in colour, Coral, frosty and sheer stuffs.. nice but definitely NOT like the ones I have seen on Temptalia and such. I proceeded to ask the S.a if these are Asian releases, and she gave me a quizzical stare and told me that these are the international ones. I was a bit put off by her rudeness and told her that it IS different. She looked unconvinced though so I just left. hahaha!

    • Hey Deepa, your story is not uncommon. I remember going to one brand to ask the SA about the up and coming collection. The answer I got was a blank face. Many just go to work with a quarter of what they learned from their trainings, and they don’t read blogs or do their own research. This problem is not exclusive to Malaysia either. Pity, really 🙁