Embrace the Fantasy Of Christmas With Dior Grand Bal Collection

In a swirl of shadows and light, the Dior heroine leads the ball dance. She wears her glamour like a second skin. For the Christmas 2012 makeup collection, Tyen reinterprets the spirit of Dior grand balls with a contemporary elegance and a cheeky twist. They were a constant theme beating at the heart of monsieur Dior’s fashion and life. From the extravagant parties in Granville, his childhood home, which gave him a glimpse of his destiny in couture, to the Follies of the Parisian balls in the roaring 20s, the couturier was profoundly fascinated by transformation. From the catwalk to the red carpet, his ball gowns have become every woman’s desire. An 18th-century look, revived and modernised. Fleeting and flamboyant, the grand bal embraces the Fantasy of Christmas.

I wanted to paste the paragraph above because I thought it was romantic and explains how we get this collection very well. Anyway, shall we do some unboxing here at Chloe.Ash? I received some items from the Dior Grand Bal Collection and I thought I’d share a general overview before the product’s review proper. I have read reviews online before seeing these in person. I was a little skeptical with all the golden packaging but thought, well, it’s Dior, so it probably wouldn’t look el-cheapo, eh? And then, I remembered Chanel’s recent ad with Brad Pitt…well, anything CAN happen.


Let’s undress them and see how they look inside, shall we?



I am happy to report that the gold is not tacky at all. In fact, the packaging is luxurious and elegant, lavished with warm golden tones, heavy to hold, sturdy to play with. I have with me the star product of the collection, Palette Grand Bal Carnet de Maquillage (RM240), a Diorific Collection Grand Bal in Marilyn (RM104), a Diorific Vernis in Dior Lady (RM79) and a set of Gold Crystals Grand Bal False Lashes (RM99). The Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Fairy Golds (RM200) is also part of this collection, and reviewed just recently.



The gold bar on your left that looks like hand weights is the lipstick. The white ball that looks like Christmas tree ornament is a nail polish. The Grand Bal palette consists of 2 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses and a pencil liner. The mechanism of this palette is very clever. More about it later 🙂 The one that caught my eye the most must be the set of false lashes.



This is no ordinary set of lashes you can get at your local Sasa. These golden Swarovski crystals, I find, are intricately designed to keep the lashes weightless, while the lashes look dramatic yet natural. Am I even making any sense?

I’ve already taken photos of the swatches, and I can’t wait to play with it further. I’m planning to recreate some of the looks in the press release, if possible. It would be fun! Now I just have to figure out how to tweak it to suit my eye shape.

The Dior Grand Bal Collection should be available at all Dior counters nationwide by now. Have you seen it? Or have you played with any of the products yet?


xoxo Lily


Featured products are provided by the company PR for consideration purposes. Please read my Disclaimer page for more info.



  • OOO PRETTY!!! I’d love to see you wear that palette and the false eyelashes! By the way, I read that in Asia you get different Diorific lipsticks. Is that true? From the promo images they look less read and more everyday-friendly!

    • Hey Sunny. I’m not sure if we get different lippies, but the one that I have (Marilyn) is a little more sheer than the swatches I see online. Maybe that’s true? I need to find out!

      • Yeah you should figure it out! I saw the PR info for Taiwan, and there is only one red among the four!

        • I found out! Will report on the findings soon. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  • Overall, I am in LOVE with the packaging and briefly entertained the idea of getting a few pieces from this collection just for that fact, but in the end sensibility won :/ I just don’t think the shades are WOW enough

    • Sensible Becca 🙂 I should learn that from you. LOL!

  • The palette and nail polish packaging look great, but the lipstick tube shape is seriously putting some doubts in my head, lol. The false eyelashes look nice but I don’t think it’s particularly unique. Overall love the gold theme though; it suits Christmas very well. 😀

    • Yes, this collection is Christmas-sy definitely. Even the shape of the nail polish looks like Christmas tree ornaments. LOL re. lipstick tube. What does it look like to you? I read somewhere that it looks like butt plugs, not that I know what they look like. Hahahah!!

      • I have no idea what butt plugs look like (HAHAHAHA!) but it looks more like a bottle stopper than a lipstick! It looks rather bulbous and bulky, not very appealing to me.

        • I don’t know what a butt plug looks like either -__-” but I assume it’s like this? LOL! This tube is actually smaller than their normal packaging, but I can see why it is not appealing. Not my favourite either.

  • Liyeun

    Ooooohhhh quick, me wanna see the lovely FOTDs with the eyelashes, please!!! ^_^

    • Lol… I’m working on it 🙂

      • Liyeun

        Then i can decide to drop this instead of getting it together with Fairy Golds cos i hv just done some damages in my wallet. The eye and lip palette, the meteorites and shimmer powder from Guerlain Dragon collection. I’m so addicted with all from Christmas collection, how ah?

        • OMG!!!! I wanted the Guerlain Liu lip and eye calligraphy palette but hubs is sulking. We were clearing out my stash last night and I’m hoarding too many things. He said my addiction is getting out of hand. LOL! I need to de-clutter and hubs is not happy when I mentioned I needed to confirm with my friend to help me get the palette 🙁 It’s my money, but you know… sometimes I need to keep him happy too. I wish I could secretly get it somehow before it’s gone. I’ve been lemming for it ever since I saw the photo online! Too bad I don’t have anyone who’s willing to conspire with me. Hahahaha!

          • Liyeun

            Oh dear, I totally feel u!! My hubby just couldnt comprehend why a woman needs so many eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes and foundation. Even after I explained, he just ended up laughing but also said im addicted! Addict or what, how could anyone not fall in love with Guerlain, u tell me?at first when i saw the promo pics of the palette, i wasnt keen. Until my itchy fingers swatched the lip colours. I just melted. I had to get it! Maybe after mr. Chloe ash read this, he will understand? The slim compact is too sexy. lol!

            • LOL!!! I wish… but since I’m not in KL, it’s hard to get my hands on it AND convince the stubborn hubs. We’ll see… I’ll have to work some muscles here. Hahaha!!

  • Barbra J
    • Glad you do! 🙂

  • Lol, hand weights :p. Another great collection from Dior, especially the eye shadows are gorgeous!

    • They do look great, don’t they? Very festive indeed. All the bling. Haha 🙂

  • Charlotte

    Such a pretty collection! Can you try the polish in lady and let me know how’s the formula? I love the color but I’m afraid that it may be a b*tch to apply =/

    Thanks a bunch!


    • Hi Charlotte, I’ll be sure to do that 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Lol, I think the day I get my first Dior item, that’s when I have grown up as a real woman 🙂 Such polished items that Dior produces. Love the gold bling in almost every item that screams luxury! Oh please do FOTD or EOTD with the gold and silver palette pretty please 🙂

    • I’m planning to do the FOTD for sure. It’ll be a Christmas bling!!!