Estee Lauder Holiday Gift Set 2012 by Michael Kors

This is fresh from the oven. I just got this less than 10 hours ago, and the store just received the packages less than 24 hours ago. Well, in Ipoh anyway. The Holiday Set featured here is designed by Michael Kors, and there are 3 variations. It was a tough choice, seriously. All of them are beautiful!


I finally decided on the set with black pouch. The lip and nail colours are of a deep classy red and the blush is quite neutral. I was also attracted to the bright pink blush in the metal pouch set, but I wasn’t feeling the rest. Here are the photos, together with the press photos of the other sets for comparison purposes.



My 8-item set includes:

  1. Black pouch designed by Michael Kors for Estee Lauder
  2. Deluxe Blush Compact in 74 Soulful Spice (left), 09 Brazen Bronze (middle), 10 Lover’s Blush (right)
  3. Blush brush
  4. Pure Color gloss in 15 Garnet Desire (4.6ml)
  5. Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in 74 Cherry Passion (full size)
  6. Pure Color Nail Lacquer in 03 Enchanted Garnet (5ml)
  7. Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner 01 Blackened Black (mini pencil)
  8. Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara 01 Extreme Black (mini mascara)

All of them are for keeps except for item number 3. The bristles are coarse and rough and very scratchy. So really, it’s a seven item set. Here are the swatches for you, and I will definitely wear them all for a FOTD soon šŸ™‚


This photo above is when I wish I had a better camera so picture would appear less grainy!


This set is available at RM200 when you make a purchase of RM150 and above. I initially went to restock my eye cream, and I came home with an extra set. I have seen the other holiday sets by Estee Lauder, and these 3 sets are by far the most attractive to me. You can build a complete look with it. All you need is your own base and brow products.

Have you seen them yet? If you’re going shopping tomorrow, I suggest you take a peek. This is quite a nice one šŸ™‚


xoxo Lily


  • Oh man, this is adorable! I honestly wouldn’t know which one to pick! Hopefully we’ll get these here.

    • You’d want all 3 sets if you could. LOL! The bright pink blush looks amazing in real life. If I could I would have bought the metallic pouch set too šŸ™‚ I hope you get it there! A well put together set for sure.

  • Jennifer

    Nice set you got there Lily! Coincidentally, I am also thinking of purchasing the ANR night cream – it’s quite good and so far I think it has helped keep puffy eyes at bay and moisturizing enough for the fine lines under my eyes not to show that much. The red pouch set seem to appeal more to me as I think the blush will do me good. Looking forward to your FOTD.

    • You should go have a look when you’re there getting your ANR. Let me know which set you got OK?

  • Claire

    mh, you know what I am going to say … the red lipstick looks devine! Sadly, those kinda blush colours often look muddy on me but the set seems worth it, especially, because there is a red nail polish, gloss and lipstick šŸ˜‰

    • I actually got the set because of the lip and nail colours. LOL! They are of a darker shade of ruby red. Classy and stunning!! The blush is quite neutral on my cheeks, and I think it’s pretty good for a little contouring. I’ll play with them more and FOTD will be posted soon šŸ™‚

  • Oh Lily–that red is *gorgeous*!!! I don’t even wear red lipstick and I want it–it just looks sooo smooth and creamy and pigmented! And the cheek palette is stunning as well. I do wish the shades were more similar to the promo pics (more bronzy and peach), but it’s still pretty. I hope we get these sets!!

    • Yes, I was attracted to the lip products too šŸ™‚ Don’t you get these sets? I really thought you get everything there -__-“

  • i skipped the MK x EL last year coz I did not like the pouch. While I was actually after the pewter pouch itself haha!

    I thought this was a re-promote! Until I noticed it’s different design?

    GOtta check it out, hopefully the pouches are better now?:)

    • I can’t remember last years but there’s a metallic pouch this year too! I think the products improved in quality but I can’t speak for the bag. It feels a bit like paper to me. Lol! Probably very thin faux leather?