Femme Boulevard: Let’s Glisten This Christmas With Dior

Welcome to the November edition of Femme Boulevard! This is our second time collaborating, and what better theme is there? It’s gonna be Christmas soon! I was thinking of something wearable but sparkly for an evening out, but I’ve already done that. And then, I remembered I haven’t created a look for Dior Grand Bal! That collection is certainly great for this theme. We are going for bling after all. Inspiration is from Dior (pictures below), so let me know what you think of my version!

*Warning: Picture Heavy”


Well, as you can see, both photos are highly edited, so my recreation will be what I can do with a combination of both looks. I was thinking of doing something wearable, but I also want to do something over the top! Anyway, here is my take on Let’s Glisten This Christmas. I had so much fun doing this!!!!!!!!!



I used the silver in the Grand Bal palette all over my lid, up to the brows. Gold was used on my lower lash line. I used black liner generously because without it, I look puffy. Brows were thickened and darkened to match the promotional photo. The lashes were hard to wear, actually…but I hardly wear lashes, so it can totally be my inadequacy. I had Dior Addict Extreme Incognito on my lips, and Lunasol blushes on my cheeks. A very simple look šŸ™‚



And just for fun, I randomly picked a photo and let Pixlr do its thing (you just go to pixlr.com/o-matic/ and have fun!).



I hope you enjoyed this post. I absolutely loved playing with this photo shoot. We took more than a hundred photos and I could only post a few here. I had a hard time picking šŸ˜› Thanks hubs for being my photographer! Please remember to check out the rest of Femme Boulevard:

All the way from Singapore, Joey <click here> and from Belgium with Love, Teri <click here>


xoxo Lily


  • Whoa this look is mega fun! The flasies and eyeshadows look really good on you!

    • Thanks Sunny! It was a lot of fun šŸ˜›

  • Joey

    Love this look and those lashes, oh my =)
    The pictures with pearl necklace are artistic!!
    Awesome Lily xx

    • Haha! Thank you šŸ™‚

  • Gorgeous look Lily! I’m sooo in love with the last photo, love the effects! Those lashes are absolutely amazing!

    • Thanks Teri šŸ™‚ Those lashes aren’t very comfortable though

  • Sheryl

    Love the look! Gotta get myself the eyeshadow too!

    • Thanks Sheryl šŸ™‚ You should check out the Dior Grand Bal palette

  • I like the feel of your last 3 pictures!

    • Thanks leimun. Honestly, while it was fun, I felt a little stupid posing. Haha!

  • glamorous, Lily!
    i’ve seen all three looks of femme boulevard and you guys are awesome!

    • Thank you Lena! Femme Boulevard pushes us out of our comfort zone, that’s for sure. LOL!

  • You look like you had so much fun, Lily, and you look smashing! Love those lashes on you – they’re so glamorous!

    • Thank you Larie. It was fun experimenting indeed!

  • lyn

    Those lashes look fantastic on you! I’m such a noob when it comes to applying falsies.

    • I’m not very good at applying falsies either Lyn. This one especially is a challenge. The crystals get stuck between the folds of my lids sometimes. Haha!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    GORGEOUS Lily!! Those lashes are AMAZING on you!

    • Thank you Tracy šŸ™‚

  • Jasmine

    Your photos are amazing and wow those lashes are really gorgeous!

    • Thanks Jasmine šŸ™‚ Those lashes are very glamourous

  • You are such a natural, Lily–work it!! šŸ˜› Love those last 3 pictures of you–highlights the eyes beautifully and appropriately dramatic and GORG!! šŸ˜€

    • Haha thanks Becca. It was hubs who worked it. Told me to pose in awkward positions. The last photos were his idea šŸ™‚