My Wishlist Fulfilled with Guerlain Liu Lip and Eye Calligraphy Palette

I know this palette is all over the beauty blogging world. I have wanted this ever since I saw the promotional photos! Then something happened and I decided not to get it. However, it’s been bugging me every day since the reluctant decision until I finally got it. That, my friends, was my fickleness at its most active moments. I knew I was fickle, but whoa! Anyway, I’m so happy I got it!!! I hate powders and creams in the same palette, but I will make an exception just for this one. Just this time…

I will leave out the story of Liu in Turandot, Puccini’s 3 act opera, because I’m assuming you would have read it before. Nearly all reviews I read about this palette has the accompanying story. So on to the palette *rubs hands in glee*



The black suedette pouch with red top stitching, to me, is very classy. The black case is very slim and smooth, glossy and sleek. There is a large panoramic mirror inside which makes it easy for makeup application. I usually don’t like the brushes that come with palettes like this, but these 2 work surprisingly well. The double foam tip, one rounded for eyeshadow and the other pointed for liner work well with the soft eye shadows. The lip brush has surprisingly soft silky bristles that I don’t mind using at all!



There are 2 shades for the lips, 3 eye shadows and 1 eye liner in the palette. One of the lip shades is carmine (quite a bright pink) and another a blue-toned red that looks like tomato red on my lips. The 3 iridescent eye shadow powders are soft and buttery in texture. The matte black powder liner is a little stiff and dry, but powder liners are usually like that and it can be used both wet or dry.


While I love this palette, powders still transfer to creams as picture above shows. Sigh. I know I can’t win 100%. Fret not. I shall not worry about it. The colours are all gorgeous and they apply beautifully. My heart is thumping because I will be using it again tomorrow. I can’t wait!



Have you seen this palette in person? I know some don’t like is as much, but these colours are right up my alley. I just wish they had a cover for the lip waxes (ala Dior) because that would make this palette perfect for me. It retails for RM239 (I think) and is still available at most Guerlain counters.


xoxo Lily