How About Some Bling On Your Makeup Accessories?

Mont Bleu is a middle sized company based in Prague, Czech Republic that produces glass nail files. They also have a range of different cosmetic tools such as tweezers, hair brushes, compact mirrors and more. Some are beautifully decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals. You can check out their website for more information.


I have with me a compact mirror, a glass nail file and a bag hanger, all decorated with crystals. The mirror is double-sided, one of which magnifies a little. It’s great for when you want to draw eye liner. The mirror is lightweight which is awesome because it doesn’t add too much weight to your handbag. However, mine has a few scratches here and there from living it rough in my handbag. It probably would have been better if there was a protective bag over it.



The glass nail file is pretty to look at, but so dangerous. The pointy tip is extra sharp. With some force, I can stab someone with it. I don’t file my nails much, so I can’t compare it with other nail files. On its own, based on my limited experience, it works just fine. I hide this somewhere high up so my toddlers can’t reach. Like I said, dangerously sharp. Good thing there is a velvet sleeve to protect it.



This has to be my favourite of the lot. A bag hanger. No need to seat your bag in another chair. Just hang it on the table! I like that the bottom is rubberized so it doesn’t slip. However, the table can’t be too thick or it won’t fit. I’ve been carrying this around, and it has been handy. I bought these before at a much cheaper price (about RM25 each only) and they broke after a few uses. This is still going strong after about 2 months of regular use. Yay 🙂

Did any of these catch your attention? It was so hard for me to find a mirror when I wanted to. So it’s nice to know where I can get it next time. These can be cute little gifts for Christmas too. While all these little accessories are beautiful, the price point might deter people from buying – especially when there is also shipping fee involved. So, it’s price vs authenticity and quality. Which one wins?


xoxo Lily