Monday Blues? Boost Your Complexion with Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Dual Effect Powder Makeup SPF10 PA++

Oh my goodness. The name. It’s too much for a Monday. Let’s just shorten it to EL DW Powder OK? No? Need something even shorter? OK, maybe DWP? Yeah, let’s just go with that. From the full on 11-word name, you should know that this is a *drum roll* powder. I know, sarcasm overload. Apologies. Side effects of a one day weekend. Had to work full day on Saturday. Anyhoo…


What you see above is the empty compact on the left, and the refill on the right. You will probably either love or hate this kind of packaging. I would say this is environmentally friendly because you just refill what’s gone (sponge included in refills). This is not a new concept because I notice many brands are practicing this. However, I dislike it when they have new packaging (note: different size) and discontinue the old one. So…. what’s the point of having the empty case when new refills can’t fit? Dunno about you, but I get put off.



Rant aside, and I do intend to keep this post short (good luck, me), so let’s talk about the DWP. The case is pretty standard, so nothing much to report. The powder looks good new with the logo beautiful engraved (?) in the middle, but 2 swipes with the sponge and the logo is gone. That is not the point. The powder is soft and smooth, and it COVERS. OPAQUE. In Malaysian weather (very hot and humid all year round) and on my normal sometimes combination skin, this DWP stays on for 5 hours, no problem. Then I’d notice shine on my T-zone, nothing a blotting paper can’t take away. All I have to do then is to powder my nose, literally. One thing that I love is that this powder goes on, sets and it doesn’t go patchy on oily areas. Some powders will melt and your face will look awful, but this doesn’t. I don’t know how this will perform on drier skin though.



Left is bare skin, after skin care, and right is ONE LAYER of DWP applied with the sponge provided. Isn’t the coverage crazy? All redness is gone, little veins disappeared, left only hints of stubborn freckles. This DWP provides medium to full coverage and when used to set liquid foundation, face looks flawless even without concealer. I kid you not. Even though the DWP has high coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. I am testing the liquid version, and I do find that a little heavier for my liking. We’ll see. This powder comes with SPF10 protection but I can’t say it’ll do much in our weather.



The empty compact retails for RM48 while the powder refill sells for RM140. If you love powder with good coverage, this is it. If you live in a cooler climate, I dare say the staying power will be even more impressive. You should just go to any of their counters to ask for a Signature Service (available worldwide!). They will match you to your foundation shade and give you a mini makeover with no obligations to purchase. I am matched to 36 Sand, and while the powder initially looks darker / pinker, it settles quite well to match my skin tone after about 10 minutes… as long as I remain cool. When I’m flushed, I still turn crimson 🙁

Have you tried this DWP from Estee Lauder? Are you using any powder foundations? What’s your fave?


xoxo Lily


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