Monthend Randomness: Things That Make Me Go UGH!!

I am sure there are some WTF moments in your life, some things that make you go Seriously?! Or maybe some things that you can’t tolerate, something things that make you go On no!! These are some of my UGH moments, in no particular order…



  1. Morning rain on a work day
  2. Clash of the dresses
  3. Dirty wet public toilets
  4. Foot in mouth. I ugh myself
  5. Body odour
  6. Zits with a vengeance
  7. Creased DARK eye shadow
  8. VPL (visible panty line)
  9. VND (visible nipple dot)
  10. Because I can’t leave it hanging on number 9.

What are some things that make you go ugh? C’mon… SPILL!


xoxo Lily


  • xin

    sudden rain under the hot sun and right after i hand my laundry!

    • LOL! That would totally suck. What’s with the rain when it’s still so sunny and hot eh? Ugh!

  • Jesslyn Soh

    Visible neon / loud colored bra straps worn with cut in Tees! oh terrible, always won’t fail to make me regurgitate my last meal. Even worst when worn by an Aunty !!! ewwwww !

    • OMG yes! I know… What about G-strings and butt cracks served in a dish? LOL!

  • Charlotte

    Finding shoe prints on a sitting toilet bowl in a public toilet ! URGH!

    • Hahaha! So true. I wonder where these people come from. Or maybe they have feet on their butts.

      • Charlotte

        Hahaha feets on butts, funny thought!

        Don’t even get me start on people who don’t know how to properly dispose off their used sanitary pads! !@#!*!@#%$@ Some even have them stuck on the walls -___________-

        Anyway, interesting post, Lily! 🙂 *thumbsup*

        • Sanitary pads on the wall????? That’s too much. Who does that?!!

  • when you’re rushing for an appointment, no cab at all. then this cab suddenly appears, takes you in…you tell your destination and driver would say, “I not sure of the place, mind taking another one?” UGH!

    agree! Monday Morning Rain some more hahaha! Dreadful day to work right!x

    • Wow, cab drivers do that? I’m thankful for my own car. LOL! MONDAY morning rains are cruel. Hehe

  • oh! also public toilet sinks! they are always wet… ever noticed that? no space to put your bag or something while you wash your hands. people are way too lazy to use paper towels or the hand dryer, another UGH haha!

    • YES! You’re right! That’s why I always have hand sanitizer in my bag 🙂

  • Bugs

    “Aunties” who won’t use paper or dryer to dry their hands but decided that you need a mini shower with the help of water on their hands…. UUGGHH… roll eyes !!

    • Oh, you mean that flick their hands dry and the water gets to you? Eeewww! I’d be disgusted too. Hahaha!

  • Haha! I hate people who leave the water running in public sinks…and yeah, dirty public toilets are the worst. *shudders*

    • I know right! I rather hold it in until I find some place better. LOL 😛

  • i agree with many of your “ugh”s. lolz.
    here are some of mine..
    1. ugly toe nail pics on instagram
    2. conditional blog comments like “wanna follow each other? let me know.”

    • Haha toe nail pics! I’m irked too. And yes to number 2… but I usually ignore. Same for Twitter actually. I get things like “I’ll follow you if you follow me”.

  • BooBooNinja

    On rainy days, people who walk under the awnings with their open umbrellas. Grrr. 😛

    • Oh that won’t be me go UGH for sure!!!