Monthend Randomness: Things That Make Me Go UGH!!

I am sure there are some WTF moments in your life, some things that make you go Seriously?! Or maybe some things that you can’t tolerate, something things that make you go On no!! These are some of my UGH moments, in no particular order…



  1. Morning rain on a work day
  2. Clash of the dresses
  3. Dirty wet public toilets
  4. Foot in mouth. I ugh myself
  5. Body odour
  6. Zits with a vengeance
  7. Creased DARK eye shadow
  8. VPL (visible panty line)
  9. VND (visible nipple dot)
  10. Because I can’t leave it hanging on number 9.

What are some things that make you go ugh? C’mon… SPILL!


xoxo Lily