My Tatcha Skincare Ritual Experience

I’ve been reading a lot about Tatcha lately so I decided to try them out. There is an interesting background story of how the brand developed and the association to Geisha makes the brand even more exotic. This will be a lengthy review so I’ll skip the back story where you can read it from Tatcha.

Above is the full line up of the products in The Ritual. There is PURE camillea one step cleansing oil, RADIANT deep brightening serum, rice enzyme powder and SUPPLE moisture rich silk cream. The line up is pretty much the same for all skin types, the only difference being the rice enzyme powder. Gentle (pink) is for dry skin, Classic (white) is for normal / combination skin and Deep (green) is for oily skin. The set below is what I have been using day and night for the last 21 days. Mine is a sample set which is only good for about 2 to 3 weeks. I managed to stretch the serum to 3 weeks but I still have much of the rest left.



One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil does not contain any mineral oil. I find the texture thicker and creamier than my Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse and Bobbi Brown Oil Cleanser. Comparatively, I also use less product to clean my entire face, including eyes. It takes off waterproof eye makeup quite well, but I nearly always use a separate remover for that area. The oil (and all other cleansing oils for that matter) tends to get into my eyes, leaving a film of haziness in my sight. What I like however is that there is just a slight trace of scent to the oil, and it cleans my face very well, without leaving it tight. No signs of spots either.

Deep Brightening Serum

I haven’t been using this long enough to tell you that it works. It takes 1 to 2 months’ constant use to really tell, but in the last 3 weeks or so, there is no breakout on my skin, and it has remained bright and even…even though I’m off my Diorsnow and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. The only additional product that I use in conjunction with this is my Dior One Essential Pre-Serum. The serum is light and watery, and just 2 pumps get my face and neck covered. It is easily absorbed into skin, leaving no greasy residue

Rice Enzyme Powders

In the 9 sachets that I received, 3 are gentle, 3 are classic and 3 are deep. These enzyme powders of rice bran and papaya are water activated. Wet face and hands, pour some powder onto your wet palms and rub your palms together until it becomes a creamy froth that can be smooth or grainy. Gentle is the smoothest while Deep has some noticeable grainy texture. Of all the products, I love this one most. It acts as a cleanser cum exfoliant, leaving skin baby soft without drying. Excessive exfoliating is not good for our skin, but this is so gentle I can use it day and night. No scrubbing is needed while applying the froth onto the face. Just leave it on for about 15 seconds then wash off. A little goes a long way and I can see myself purchasing a full sized one 🙂

Moisture Rich Silk Cream

I usually use different moisturizers for day and night, because I want my day moisturizer to be as light as possible. I was initially skeptical about this cream because it seemed a little too heavy for day use in this country’s hot and humid weather. It is great for night uses because it keeps my skin moisturized while I sleep in an air conditioned room. I have been experimenting with it for day use, and it is really not as bad as I thought. I dab a small amount onto my palms, rub it then pat onto my skin. This makes application lighter and it absorbs quite well too. My skin seems to be liking it.

Preliminary Verdict

Since I have not been using this for more than a month, I cannot say much about the performance. However, the products feel lovely and they are suitable even for sensitive skin. If there were any adverse effects, I would have seen something by now and I haven’t. I love the story behind the brand and the people are approachable and friendly. You can even purchase a sample pack before the full sized ones, and I think this is clever. There are only 3 stores at the moment (they are all in New York) but don’t be sad if you don’t live there. The products are accessible to everyone because of the availability of worldwide shipping, but the shipping cost is quite steep. Free shipping is only available for purchases above USD250. You can read about their FAQ here because I find it very helpful.

Have you tried Tatcha skincare? How do you like it? How likely are you to try a new skincare brand if you’re comfortable with what you already have?


xoxo Lily