Peter Thomas Roth Protects Your Skin with Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Sunblock SPF30

Will I sound like a nagging grandmother if I told you again that you must put on sunblock every day, before you expose yourself in the sun? Harmful UV rays speed up our skin’s ageing process. If you don’t put on sunblock, even anti ageing products can’t help you much. I have always been diligent in applying SPF30 or SPF50 on my face. I was using the Neutrogena one for my body and then I stopped. It slipped my mind. Bad excuse, I know.


Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Sunblock SPF30 is fragrance free and is enriched with anti-oxidants and vitamins A, C and E. I have been using this on my arms, neck and chest, areas exposed to the sun, and I absolutely love it. It absorbs quickly into the skin, without any greasiness. For some sunblocks, I’d still feel like there is a veil of some sort on my skin, but with this, I do not feel anything. It’s even better and lighter than the Neutrogena one that I wrote about more than a year ago. However, when in contact with water, skin feels a little slippery.



This bottle is quite big (note photo below) with 118 grams of sunblock in it. The texture is like white gel but applies like cream. It is light without the heavy thickness of your usual sunblock. There is a strong traditional sunblock scent, which I actually like very much. It takes me back to when I was teenager, when my crush back then smelled like sunblock. Hahaha!



We had a family outing just recently, and I brought this with me. All 4 of us put this on, re-applied after we sweat profusely, and I tell you, we all loved it! Nobody felt sticky and nobody got tanned or burned. We even applied this on our face. While I prefer my sunblock for face to be more matte, this didn’t feel too greasy either. My fussy skin did not chuck a fit so we’re all happy 🙂 I know some of you love the ingredient list, so I blew it up for you. It’s really quite small in real life.



I bought this when there were special discounts on strawberryNet. I ended paying only about RM70 for this tube. I think it’s money well spent. I am still using it daily and I re-apply before I go out for lunch.

Do you use sunblocks for your body? What are you using?


xoxo Lily