Sunday Sharing: A Mother’s Love

If you are a mother, you would know. If you are a daughter or a son, you might not know. It is said that a mother’s love knows no boundaries. A mother’s love is unconditional, a mother’s sacrifice unmeasurable. These are supposed to be a mother’s natural instincts, so I am baffled at how anyone could throw their newborn in a rubbish dump or flush the baby down the toilet. News like that get my blood boiling, so let’s not talk about this here and ruin the romantic vibe. Back to my intended post which sends a positive message. Ahem!

Has anyone told you that you’d understand your mother once you become a mother yourself? For me, those words ring the truth, if not more.


This post is more suitable for Mother’s Day, but hey, every day should be a day to thank your mom. I was rebellious in my own way when I was a teenager. I was mostly angry, and I kept it inside. Sometimes I would lash it out on my mom with hurtful words and then feel guilty that I actually said that. One day I got married, and then I got pregnant. My love for the unknown little person in my womb started as soon as I knew I was pregnant. It was like I knew the test would come out positive. When we were in danger during delivery, I wished for her safety even if it meant risking mine. The joy of holding the little bub brought unexplained tears of joy and it just clicked, I understood then how my mom felt.

Sleepless nights followed. Feeding, changing dirty diapers, fearing for the baby’s health and growth… and now that they are toddlers, I worry for their future. Am I teaching them right? Are they going to be able to handle the world that is sometimes harsh? My husband reminded me to chill. My dad told me that the path is theirs. Men! I still worry!! Just go back to Mars if you don’t know what to say at the right time. Even though it’s the truth. Even though it’s logical. Now I know why my mom nags. Now I know why my mom worries. Now I know…


 Chloe and Ashlyn growing up


I know there are many challenges raising young people, but I also know that I gladly accept them with love. I am sharing this because something happened that reminded me yet again that life is short…. and I should say something, as a mother and daughter. I end this post with a hug.

A hug to all mothers out there who sacrificed for their little people in one way or another. A hug to the mothers who cried for their little people even though they are not little anymore. A hug to mothers who had to see their little people go before them. A hug to exhausted mothers who are trying their best. A special hug to my mom and my grandmother. Everything will be OK.


xoxo Lily