Sunday Sharing: The Makeup Box That Is My Birthday Gift

This is the most special gift I received. My husband is in manufacturing, and he made this makeup box for me, from A to Z. He drew the blueprint, inspected and changed it a few times before we got this. We are making another improved one, yes, because I need another, and for other reasons I will announce soon, AND there is always room for improvement. I want the handles and some other stuff changed. Who would know better than a makeup enthusiast, eh? 😉

Welcome to my organized chaos. My makeup box called LuxCube (hubs used to be a DJ when he was in the USA, called DJ Lusciouscube, hence the name).



We talked about this idea because let’s face it, those in the market are either too expensive, or just not what I’m looking for. Those I want are not available in the country and even if international shipping is available, it will be too expensive. I want something sturdy that looks solid. This concept is nothing new. I went to Muji, wanting to get their organizers but the stackables are too small and flimsy for a big price. So I complained to hubs who kindly said he’d make it for me. I didn’t know he was serious.

Anyway, pictures below show how I use it. I’m not a perfectionist, so I organize it in a way that I can manage. I need some chaos to be orderly, if you know what I mean. I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂



I realise I really need a divider for my eye shadow singles/duos drawer. Those I could depot are already in their new homes, and I will show you the palettes one day. This last one, the deepest drawer, is the most organised, I’m so proud. Even the font I used is more orderly. LOL! I don’t need to label the palettes because I know them by heart already.



I still have my huge Z-palettes and MAC 15 pan palettes in one of my vanity drawers, foundations and base products in another drawer. Nail polishes are in the bathroom. I like to limit my storage space so that I wouldn’t hoard. If there are things that don’t fit, then it’s time to consolidate. So I either depot or give to friends or do a blog sale.

How do you store your makeup? I’m always looking for storage ideas so please share!


xoxo Lily