A Mini Review of Lunasol Party Coffret 2012

This year’s limited edition Holiday collection by Lunasol is something that enhances your features. Some bling on your eyes, a natural flush on your cheeks, beautifully separated lashes and full juicy lips. If you run when you read glitter, just stay on for a little while. Let me show you that Lunasol brings you the most sophisticated shine.



Did I forget to mention the clutch that comes with the set? It is a lace adorned feminine clutch that I will carry to an evening function. All the products fit in the clutch nicely, with enough room for me to throw in my Lunasol pressed face powder too. Here, let me show you a close up of the products.



The eyeshadow palette is coordinated using golds. The lighter colours appear sheer on my skin tone while the darker colours provide more definition and depth. When I wear this, my eyes are brighter and naturally more defined. Nothing over the top, because the glitters only transfer as a shine on my lids.

The cream blush is a pale pink which I think will be difficult for dark skinned girls to wear. On me, it provides just a flush of petal pink and it dries powdery. I absolutely love the texture. Unlike Bobbi Brown or MAC which are so pigmented you have to be very careful with blending, this Lunasol cream cheek colour makes it difficult to go wrong. The pigmentation leans sheer, and I apply 2 to 3 layers to get a rosier flush. With just 1 pass, you might mistake me for just having naturally rosy cheeks.

The High Stylized Mascara is great to work with. The brush is small and slim, catching every little eyelash I have, making it longer and more pronounced. My lashes are still soft after this mascara so I’m in love!

I am not much of a gloss person, and I do find this gloss rather sticky. Thick and sticky actually. It wears for about 2 hours before it makes my lips look paler than it is. So I need to wipe it off to reapply, but for me, I’d just stick to my lipsticks, thank you. No offense to gloss lovers here, but I just don’t like it.

Here are some swatches for you.


You can click on this image to enlarge


All in all, there are 4 out of 5 winners. And that one I don’t like is purely a personal preference. For RM248, it is good value because just that eye shadow palette retails for RM195 if I’m not mistaken. Furthermore, everything (save mascara) is limited edition colours so if you’re into sheerer colours which add shine and understated definition to your face, Lunasol gives you just that. You’d better hurry before it runs out though. Limited sets are available.

Did you get this or have you tried anything Lunasol before?


xoxo Lily