Set Your Under Eye Concealer With Benefit Powderflage

This is truly the queen of back log. I have been meaning to write about this but you know, other more exciting limited edition things got in the way. Hehe! Benefit Powderflage has been in my stash for more than a year. I have been reaching for it more frequently nowadays and it’s time to let you know about this tiny orbit 🙂 Here is a very brief review, so if you’re interested, please read on.


Before I start though, I have to admit I got sucked in to buying this after watching some YouTube videos. I was really curious, so I hunted it down. Benefit Powderflage is a powder designed for the eye area. If I were to summarize it, this feels like silica powder. The box and its ingredients are long gone, but I’m pretty sure there are lots of ‘cones in it. The Powderflage smoothens fine lines, sets concealers without being powdery and the pink tint brightens the eye area. The powder sets to a silky smooth finish and gives the illusion of softer skin. It goes perfectly with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser I talked about earlier.



I usually pick up some powder using a small blending brush then gently pat it over concealers. It can be under my eyes, around my nose or even on my lids. The powder looks pink on my hand, but it sets to nothing. Like poof! It disappeared. A little of this goes a long way, but I’ve tried using lots of it without much difference.



I have no idea how much this sells for so if you knew, do let me know in the comments. This powder is definitely nice and cute to have, but you can totally give this a miss because it’s easily replaced with your normal setting powder. If you have fine lines, this might be better than some pressed powders which might emphasize the lines, but that’s about as different as it gets. I have been using this regularly, because this is just a little tiny pot, and I want to add this to one of my future empties post. Hahahaha!

Have you tried Benefit Powderflage before?


xoxo Lily



  • This seems like a really nice one for the undereye area! Perhaps the subtle pink color adds a teeny-tiny bit of a brightening effect? But you’re right–it definitely doesn’t seem too different from most setting powders out there and I would never buy a separate powder to set my undereye concealer with. I’ve been using Paul & Joe’s Face Powder from the Holiday 2012 set. It’s so lovely for setting and adding a touch of luminosity to the under eye area!

    • You’re right Becca. The pink is supposed to brighten but I don’t see much of it. I have yet to try anything from Paul & Joe’s and I think they pulled out from Malaysia… I’m not sure. Have to find out 🙂

  • Nida Moughal

    A really nice pot but I am not sure that I will buy it.

    • I know right? It’s really a cute to have, but so unnecessary -_-

  • Charlotte

    Where did you get this? I was told by a Benefit SA last year that Benefit is no longer selling this -___-

    Btw, I had a really bad experience at Pavilion’s Chanel counter today. I asked the SA to teach me how to use the Notorious Blush on me and I specifically asked her if she knows the right way to use it. But, I ended up looking like I just fell flat onto a puddle of mud or something, and both sides of my cheeks has uneven ‘contour’ lines. She made it worse by telling me it is supposed to look like that! Urgh! I was so put off and ended up walking away without purchasing it. Sigh! Sorry for the rant! Needed to let it out somewhere 🙁

    • Really? Ok, I didn’t know this is not available anymore. I bought it online, and I think it might have been Ebay? I can’t remember.
      Sorry to hear about your experience at Chanel. For a luxury brand, they don’t seem to train their staff well. I’ve been put off by their SAs a few times myself, so I hardly purchase anything from them, unless it’s something I know I already want. Just go in, get it then go.
      Either way, you should still get notorious. Might regret it later!