Natural Looking Brows Using Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

Brows. To me, brows are very important to shape and define my face. I am not blessed with thick brows so I need help to make it look fuller and less sparse. I have been using pencils and pens and have decided to give this brow kit a go. It just seems more convenient that way.



The Bobbi Brown brow kit consists of 2 powder shadows, one mini tweezer and a mini brow brush. The kit is small and compact, and there are even 2 mirrors, one regular, another magnified. The brow brush is coarse and hard, but it seems to get its job done. It combs the brow hairs into place and deposits colour without being overwhelming. The end result is natural looking brows, gaps filled in but not too defined.

The mini tweezer is a workout to use. A finger workout. It’s so small and stiff that I really need to pinch it HARD to use. Weak fingers? Forget about using the tweezer! My fingers are trained since they were 4 years old, so maybe banging on the piano has helped a little. Even that, this mini tweezer is tough. Once you get it to work, it does work quite well. I still prefer my Tweezermans though.



The 2 eye shadows, Cement and Birch are sold individually. Here, they are put together, and if ombre brows is something you desire, you can definitely achieve it with this palette. On my arms, the colours look light, but the grey ashy tones are great to define brows. Remember, we are going for natural. The eye shadows are also great for contouring the eyes and nose. It’s those type of colour, you know? 🙂



For RM180, this brow kit is on the expensive side. I do think Bobbi Brown has gone a little nuts with the price hike and truthfully, you don’t need this kit in your life. Everything here can be duped and I certainly don’t want to think more of why I bought this in the first place. Either way, this kit will last me a long time so I won’t and shouldn’t be bothered.

What do you use to fill in your brows? How do you keep your brows tidy?


xoxo Lily



  • Jennifer

    My brows are kept minimally, i.e. shaped and that’s about it. I tried to draw using pencil and did not get the desired look. Quite tough 😛 I think using brow powder is more natural than using pencil, but then again it could be the quality of my pencil and skills as well. This one from Bobbi Brown is quite pricey. I have seen some at Sephora from other brands but cannot recall the price.

    • Powders are definitely more natural, but less defined. I like pencils too, they both work well on me, but I guess to make myself feel better, I can also use these powders as eye shadows 🙂

  • Liyeun

    I always believe that products from Bobbi Brown are overpriced. Most importantly, the prices dont justify the efficiency of the products. I can happily purchase priducts from Dior in which the quality is guaranteed, with lower prices! I dont think I would repurchase any BB products except its cleansing oil. I prefer Dior or Lunasol now, thanks to beauty bloggers… LoL… Well, I must admit I’m not very good with my brows. Just tweeze them a lil’ and use my Clarins Eyebrow Liner in light brown for more than 7 years already!

    • I don’t believe I’ve tried Clarins Eyebrow Liner before. Might have to take a look. However, I got myself my FIRST ever Shu Uemura brow pencil, and I’m loving it so far 😀

      • Liyeun

        Oh, shu? I didnt try other brands cos I just find Clarins affordable and has that brush at the end. Wat bout shu? What colours does it come with and how much, if u dont mind?

        • I still have to test it out properly. Will write a post about it! I got the grey one. I think the name is stone grey or something like that. It’s a hard pencil, great for filling in sparse brows like mine. Got it for SGD 35. Desperate for one at that time. I have a feeling it might be cheaper in Malaysia.

  • Hi Chloe. This looks like a great palette. It would be even better with functioning tweezers. I love that is has two shades, I love to mix. I usually just use Anastasia Brow gel but will sometimes use MAC eye shadow in Charcoal Brown.

    • I’ve heard so many good things about Anastasia but the brand is not available here. I have to try it one day. Is it a hard pencil, or the softer waxy type?

  • I fill in my brows with Bobbi Brown Sable most of the time. I do REALLY like these colors because they don’t lean too warm, but it’s true that I probably don’t need that mini brush and mini tweezer, and the price is a bit high.

    • Oh, definitely ashy tones for brows… especially when I have dark brown hair!

  • Audrey Chan

    I am using the one by Benefit. Kinda the same as this but the darker one is like some wax so it sticks the powder. I have been using it for a while and I do like it 🙂 You should try that

    • Will look into that 🙂 I just bought myself a Shu Uemura pencil and it works very well too!