Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge New And Revamped. Raspberry Is My Choice.

I love my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. I have most of the old ones. Yes, Bobbi Brown revamped their pot rouge and relaunched it not too long ago. There is a whole new range of colours, and I just couldn’t resist Raspberry. I don’t really fancy raspberries much, but on my cheeks and lips, this Raspberry sure is yummy.

bobbi brown pot rouge bobbi brown pot rouge raspberry


Raspberry is described as a deep raspberry pink and on me, I’d simply say it is a warm reddish pink. I fell in love with it at first sight. As you can see, I already dipped into it before photographing. I’ve been very gentle so the pan still looks relatively clean 😉 Compared to the older version, I find this to have more slip and less drying on the lips. Erm, still drying, but less drying than the older version. Applying lip balm prior to this will help a lot. On the cheeks, Bobbi Brown pot rouge is easily blended and once it dries, it sets and lasts at least 8 hours on me.

The newer version has cooler packaging. It is now a flip-top compact, with mirror to boot. It is slimmer, sleeker, and the mirror makes it all the more convenient. While the product is just as good, and the exterior is more attractive, the price is still the same at RM90. All other Bobbi Brown products have increased in price, so I was sure there must be a catch in this… and I was right. The slimmer compact also means less product. Instead of pulling up the price, Bobbi Brown gives you better packaging, less product. Comparing the net weight of both new and old versions, the latter has about 3 times more product. To illustrate, I took a few photos comparing Raspberry to Calypso Coral side by side.


bobbi pot rouge new and old comparison

sideview comparison

comparison opened

net weight


Now, I am not complaining saying I was ripped off. I knew somehow I was getting less product in place of a mirror and a flip-top compact, and it also means that I might be able to use it up one day. I just wanted to point out my observations to you. I still love their pot rouge and I still think their cream blushes are superb. For this product, I am willing to fork out RM90 a pop. I’m telling you that. Oh, for reference, here are the swatches and ingredient list.


swatches pot rouge raspberry ingredients


Have you tried Bobbi Brown pot rouge before? What is your favourite Bobbi Brown product?


xoxo Lily