Call Me Brenda! Guerlain Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact

Even though I featured Gigolo first, this is actually my first Guerlain Rouge G. I was looking around, wondering which shade would be best to get, and fellow blogger Sukie had Brenda with her, brand new in box. I took it off her and never looked back.


The Rouge G is housed in a heavy metal case with a flip top mirror. I find the enclosed mirror very useful. I always use it when I touch up my lipstick. It is luxuriously sturdy and the lipstick in it is decadently buttery. I still remember the first time I swiped it on my lips. The first time my lips kissed the Rouge G. It was a smooth tingling sensation that made me go mmmm. So this is what everybody’s been talking about. What took me so long to finally give it a try?



Brenda looks bright coral, but in actual fact, it is a sheer peachy orange. My natural lip colour peeks through the coral so my guess is Brenda will look slightly different on everybody. Due to sheer texture, I have to reapply it often, like every 2 hours. My lips are kept moisturized and comfortable. There is a definite sheen to this lipstick but there is no sight of glitter at all.



This is Brenda on my lips.



Also worn on my face:

RMK Liquid Foundation (shade 101), Gold eyeshadow from Dior Royal Khaki, Chanel Vert Khaki, Chanel Notorious, Lunasol Coloring Cheeks Light Coral, Empro brow pencil (Golden Brown)

What do you think of Brenda? Perhaps your heart skips a beat when you saw Gigolo? Brenda is a great every day shade and it goes with everything. The sheen makes my lips juicy and moist without having to top with gloss. I’m not much of a gloss person. Have you tried Guerlain Rouge G? What was your first shade? If you haven’t, oh, you sooo need to try this. Just sayin’ 🙂


xoxo Lily



  • Both of my Rouge G’s (Gisela & Gracy) are the matte and opaque kind, so for me Brenda’s finish seems so different! You’re right about it being an adorable everyday color though. Guerlain makes excellent lippies!

    • Guerlain does make excellent lippies! I am looking at other colours like Gala. Such a beautiful red 🙂

  • xin

    i bought a Rouge G in garconne, and still untouched! ooops! should really get around to use it soon

    • I just googled Garconne and it’s Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see it on you 🙂

  • gin

    Love guerlain lippies thanks to sukie too haha… The best lippie!

    • Oh yeah, I forgot you knew Sukie. Yes, Guerlain lipsticks are a dream to apply

  • Such a beauty! That packaging is just beyond! Love the shade,!

    • I know right? I love the packaging even though it is heavy. And the shade is super wearable!

  • oOh pretty color! 🙂

    • It is isn’t it? So easy to wear 🙂

  • Such a pretty color! I have one from this line and I love e smell of it! They are just too pricy…I always wait sephora has the 20%off

    • Hi Katherine, thanks for dropping by! Yes, Guerlain is pricey, so I usually get it when there’s discount online too. However, I usually die for their LE. LOL!