Clean Comfortable Skin with Caudalie Gentle Cleanser and Cleansing Water

Since I used up my Origins cleansers a while back, I decided to give Caudalie a try. I heard much about Bioderma, and because of that, I picked up Caudalie Cleansing Water which is supposed to be similar. I also picked up Caudalie Gentle Cleanser just to give my skin some variation. Had a bout of foaming face wash, so milk it is. They were on promotion at Sasa, so I thought I had a deal.



Both bottles are huge (400ml) and they sit nicely in my bathroom. When I first tried the Cleansing Water, I thought it smelled a little off. It took a while for my nose to adjust to the fermented grape smell (and no it doesn’t smell like wine) and I’m used to it now. I soak my cotton pads with this cleansing water and wipe all over my face. It removes dirt quite well but takes a few rounds to remove makeup. Needless to say, it doesn’t do much on waterproof mascaras. I usually use this during the in between hours, when it’s not really time to put on my evening skincare goodness. I wipe my face clean, apply some Clinique Moisture Surge and when it’s later in the evening, I will cleanse my face properly before applying my other skincare products. This is usually my weekend routine.



The Gentle Cleanser (and I always refer this as cleansing milk. Used to it I guess) is very gentle on my skin. It can be used on eyes as well, and it removes less stubborn makeup. I like to use this after my cleansing oils, just to remove any makeup residues. I also use this in the mornings, and my skin is gently cleansed without being ripped of its natural oils. There is no particular scent to this cleanser and it is not very rich either. The texture reminds me of some gel creams. The milk melts on your face, and a few splashes of water will rinse off everything. I think this will be lovely for those with normal / dry skin. Those with very dry skin might not appreciate this as much.



I bought the Caudalie Gentle Cleanser for RM125 and the Caudalie Cleansing Water for RM100 at our local Sasa. However, I would advice you to get it online because it is MUCH cheaper. Let me emphasize the MUCH in case you missed it. HQHair is selling the Gentle Cleanser for about RM60 only. In fact, I did some research and ALL Caudalie products are cheaper online. Those at our local Sasa are ridiculously overpriced. It was painful when I found out, especially when I thought I had a deal, but hey, I now know better. So do you!

What cleansers are you using now? Any other Caudalie products you want to recommend?


xoxo Lily



  • I’ve tried the cleansing water too, but I still prefer Bioderma. It gets the job done quicker, and it doesn’t leave this slightly waxy feeling behind that a lot of cleansing waters seem to. At the moment I’m really digging the Pai cleanser, and I can’t wait to give my Omorovicza one a proper go!

    • Oh, I have to try Bioderma. Wonder if it’s available in Singapore. Pai is also in my wish list. I’m crossing off the “things to try” list one by one. I wish I could do that faster, but I only have one face. LOL!

  • The Cleansing Water is one of my staple products–I will NEVER be without it. I like to use it in the morning (if I’m not going out, otherwise I like to use a foaming cleanser) and in-between hours too! Love it! I haven’t tried the Gentle Cleanser, but I really would like to–especially for winter.

    As far as recommendations go, I think I’ve raved about both a million times but definitely the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and also the Perfecting Day Fluid SPF15 (that stuff is AMAZING!)

    • Yes, the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and also the Perfecting Day Fluid SPF15 are definitely on my list to try NEXT!!!

  • i am still a die hard fan of cleansing oil because i am too lazy to use separate eye makeup remover and i wear wp mascara all the time.
    my skin feels quite dry lately, though. i wanna get a nice cream cleanser for my face. i will look if i can find a good deal online here for this brand as well.
    thanks for the review! 🙂

    • I use cleansing oil too, Lena! But even that, I still prefer using a separate eye makeup remover. It’s purely psychological, but I feel cleaner. Hahaha!

  • Petrina

    I actually really dislike the smell of this cleansing water. Much much prefer Nuxe and Bioderma. I’m actually quite a Caudalie fan – Vinosource sorbet moisturizer, Vinosource facial oil and their body firming oils are a fave. Oh yes and the Vinoperfect radiance serum and global eye cream ( can’t remember the full name!)

    • It took a while for me to get used to the smell. Lol! I’ve been reading so many raves about this brand, I’m gonna try the range slowly starting with the brightening serum!