Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF10 (Liquid Foundation)

I don’t want to confuse anyone just by reading the post title. The Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup I reviewed in November is powder and this one is the liquid foundation. They are from the same range, boasting long wear while looking naturally flawless. It is usually hard for me to find a good foundation shade so let’s put this to test. My taste is also skewed toward sheerer foundations so let’s see if this can sway me.


The liquid foundation comes in a hefty glass bottle which does not attract any fingerprints. I thought that’s already a point on its own. I have an unhealthy obsession in keeping my makeup and the cases clean. I usually wipe down the products I used before putting it back into my new makeup box. The only thing that attracts finger prints is the gold screw on cap. Oh, and one thing I don’t really like is the opening. There is no pump, no nozzle. With bottles like this, I have to pour the foundation out onto the back of my hand before using. Truth be told, I never used a single drop of foundation from this bottle. I went to the Estee Lauder counter and was given a generous sample.



I tested the foundation for a whole 2 weeks and I was still surviving on this little sample. I was matched to Sand,which was close to my face colour. It’s all well and good, ONLY if my face colour was consistent to the rest of my body. I usually take a shade lighter to make me look uniform. I get red very quickly too so any pink or red undertones will turn me into a lobster. While Sand in powder form looked OK on my face, Sand in liquid form makes me look a little red, a little orange. I’m not quite sure why. I suspect it’s the texture of the liquid foundation. It is full coverage, so any shade mismatch is rather unforgiving. I sheered out the foundation by mixing my Dior makeup base (one to one ratio) and it was better. Below is the swatch so you can see for yourself. Left is foundation sheered out, right is straight from the bottle. With the colour difference, I might even be able to do light contouring with this foundation 😛 Something else to do with darker foundations, eh?



I do find this to be a little drying on my skin, so I make sure I prep my face properly with a good moisturizer before applying this foundation. If you are one who prefers something lighter on your skin, I’d suggest looking at their Double Wear Light version. I do like that much better compared to this. While I enjoy the powder version, I am not particularly keen on this one. If you like full coverage foundations and if you can find a good shade match, this will definitely be drool worthy. The coverage is superb, and even in this hot and humid weather, the foundation stays on me for more than 10 hours. If you have oily skin, this is also great for you.

Unfortunately for me, I seem to have a difficult time in finding a good match here, and my skin prefers something much lighter.

Have you tried this before? What kind of coverage do you prefer in a foundation?


xoxo Lily





  • I’ve heard many people rave about this foundation, but I am personally a bit scared of full-coverage foundations. I much prefer something lighter too–a solid light-medium coverage is ideal in my book. I have been curious about the Double Wear Light. Maybe I’ll check it out tomorrow when I’m finishing up my last-minute Christmas shopping 😛

    • Glad we’re on the same page here. Double Wear Light can also be a little drying on me, but personally, it’s much better than this full coverage one. Furthermore, I can’t seem to find a good shade match, so that can be a bummer. However, I can totally understand why people would love this. It provides full coverage and it stays on and on and on!!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    So agree with you. This stuff is hard to match if you are paler AND it’s drying like crazy. No likey. Full coverage scares the jeebus outta me! I want to look like I have skin, not a mask!

    • Haha! So good to know I’m not the only one. I do wonder why there isn’t any lighter shades though. Are there not enough light skinned gals in the population? LOL!

  • Too bad 🙁 I know I get frustrated when I can’t find a match in a foundation that I really want to try, ie. Laura Mercier Creme silk and I seek yellower tones as well. Your makeup box is so beautiful! I have the Muji Drawers myself and I love them, but it is such a pain to keep clean! The fingermarks on the drawers drive me nuts. Oh and I love light and medium foundations both, I love to have options but whatever they are they must look like skin!

    • Definitely. Foundations that look like skin are the best. That’s the main reason we prefer light to medium coverage, eh? I only tried Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. Even their lightest shade turned me orange. I never tried others since. Heh…