Femme Boulevard: Ushering New Years 2013

This December edition of Femme Boulevard is different. We have guests!! The residents (i.e. Teri, Joey and myself) decided to invite bloggers to do this themed look with us. You know, it’s the end of the year, and we thought it’s gonna be super fun! The links are at the bottom of this post, so be sure to check out all the interpretations. It’s gonna be awesome! I haven’t seen them myself, so I’m discovering them the same time you are. This month, we are doing metallic/shiny eyes and vampy lips. I was debating whether to make it unorthodox or to make it wearable. Is there a middle ground? Maybe I should make it rave party worthy? In the end, I decided to do this… because it’s crazy and I wouldn’t wear this anywhere else but here. On the blog. LOL!

FB Dec12 2


For this look, I used all 3 Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill I recently featured, some lashes I used for the smoky eye look (and thrown away after this look), and Guerlain Gigolo (darkened using black eye liner) for bold vampy lips. I featured all of them before, but this time, I made this look some what punk rock. Or punk gangster. Or plain scary. I made sure some Madre Perla fell on top of my lashes for that frosty effect when I look down. I used MAC Cremeblend Posey as blush, and contoured like crazy using Chanel Notorious. I’m a little unsure about this creation, and definitely pushing beyond my comfort level. But hey, it’s the last look for year 2012, so let’s be crazy 🙂




FB Dec12 1


FB Dec12 4


FB Dec12 3


Don’t mess with me!

I hope you found this post interesting, and different from my previous wearable looks. Eyes aren’t exactly metallic but I thought it was shiny enough. Lips are definitely vampy. You know what? You should savour this post because I don’t see myself doing anything crazy like this any time soon. Haha! Be sure to visit resident Femme Boulevard members Joey and Teri, and the rest of our guests…

Until next month, have a great New Years guys!


xoxo Lily