FOTD: Guerlain Liu Lip And Eye Calligraphy Palette

You’ve seen how I wear Turandot, so now is time for Liu, as promised. To see the swatches of this palette, please click here. I wanted to make it bolder but that wouldn’t be wearable. This is something I think will add a little twist to the look, but you can still wear it out to dinner. Less words more pictures. Let’s get to it shall we?


I don’t know why but every time I do an evening look, I don’t smile. LOL! Here, I used taupe all over my lids and then layered it with the bronzy gold on my upper and lower lash line. I highlighted my brow bone and inner corners using the pale beige shade. The liner is drawn on wet and as you can see, I drew 2 lines. One wings out as usual, from the outer corner of my eyes. The other one is drawn on a little higher, parallel to the lower line. I find it helps elongate my eyes, and it’s something different. As for lips, I used the warm red on my upper lip and the brighter red on my lower lip. You can’t really tell the difference unless you squint 😛

From this look, I used a cotton bud and took off the “wings”, and muted the lip colour to a stain. You get a wearable day look you can pair with just T-shirt and jeans.



For the rest of my face, I am wearing Shiseido Camellia Compact on my cheeks and Lunasol Water Gel Foundation on my face. The photos are taken under natural sunlight, but it was suddenly cloudy, suddenly sunny that day, which explains the cooler and warmer pictures 🙂 Here’s another shot.



I hope you liked this look!


xoxo Lily