Get Defined With Chanel Notorious

For me, this started when Cheekbones posted a photo on Twitter. Grey on the cheeks? I even commented the models looked a little like zombies. Really. And then, Xiao aka Cheekbones wrote a post about it. More photos started surfacing and I became intrigued. Contouring? A shade that mimics shadow? Yes and curious on both accounts. I mean, wouldn’t you?


Chanel Sculpting Veil for Eyes and Cheeks in Notorious comes in a pan like other Chanel blushes. Notorious is pigmented and on my skin tone, it is more grey than brown. The powder is finely milled, soft and easily blended. I find the latter very important because the trick to looking natural is buffing in the product and blend like crazy. I have a step by step to show you how I contoured my face, and I hope it is helpful. It’s hard to get the same lighting in every photo, but I hope you get the idea and actually be able to SEE the difference. Here goes nothing!

  1. I already applied foundation, set with powder. This is to prep my face for easy blending later.
  2. Make a fish face and place Notorious on the hollow of the cheeks
  3. This is Notorious unblended. Just to show you where I place the colour. I usually place it near my hairline, and I don’t pull it too far down near my mouth. That would look very unflattering.
  4. Blend like crazy, until Notorious mimics natural shadow. There shouldn’t be any lines visible.
Below is a picture where I already added blush and highlighter. I hope you can see the difference compared to the first picture 🙂 I naturally have higher cheekbones, so this is merely to enhance it now that my face is puffy (note: fat. LOL!).




Chanel Notorious is available at Pavillion and One Utama (according to Chanel SA) and retails for RM140 (Thanks Audrey!). I have read mixed reviews and feedbacks, and in my opinion, you really need to try this on if you’re thinking about buying. If you’re new to contouring, I probably wouldn’t suggest this. It’s quite easy to go wrong with this shade. It’s not your friendly neighborhood sheer bronzer. It is GREY after all. I don’t have any problem contouring with a bronzer either, doesn’t look dirty or muddy on me, so I’m spoiled with choices 🙂

Are you intrigued or curious enough to try? Let’s be notorious for once. I dare ya! LOL 😛


xoxo Lily