Get Defined With Chanel Notorious

For me, this started when Cheekbones posted a photo on Twitter. Grey on the cheeks? I even commented the models looked a little like zombies. Really. And then, Xiao aka Cheekbones wrote a post about it. More photos started surfacing and I became intrigued. Contouring? A shade that mimics shadow? Yes and curious on both accounts. I mean, wouldn’t you?


Chanel Sculpting Veil for Eyes and Cheeks in Notorious comes in a pan like other Chanel blushes. Notorious is pigmented and on my skin tone, it is more grey than brown. The powder is finely milled, soft and easily blended. I find the latter very important because the trick to looking natural is buffing in the product and blend like crazy. I have a step by step to show you how I contoured my face, and I hope it is helpful. It’s hard to get the same lighting in every photo, but I hope you get the idea and actually be able to SEE the difference. Here goes nothing!

  1. I already applied foundation, set with powder. This is to prep my face for easy blending later.
  2. Make a fish face and place Notorious on the hollow of the cheeks
  3. This is Notorious unblended. Just to show you where I place the colour. I usually place it near my hairline, and I don’t pull it too far down near my mouth. That would look very unflattering.
  4. Blend like crazy, until Notorious mimics natural shadow. There shouldn’t be any lines visible.
Below is a picture where I already added blush and highlighter. I hope you can see the difference compared to the first picture 🙂 I naturally have higher cheekbones, so this is merely to enhance it now that my face is puffy (note: fat. LOL!).




Chanel Notorious is available at Pavillion and One Utama (according to Chanel SA) and retails for RM140 (Thanks Audrey!). I have read mixed reviews and feedbacks, and in my opinion, you really need to try this on if you’re thinking about buying. If you’re new to contouring, I probably wouldn’t suggest this. It’s quite easy to go wrong with this shade. It’s not your friendly neighborhood sheer bronzer. It is GREY after all. I don’t have any problem contouring with a bronzer either, doesn’t look dirty or muddy on me, so I’m spoiled with choices 🙂

Are you intrigued or curious enough to try? Let’s be notorious for once. I dare ya! LOL 😛


xoxo Lily




  • Sukie

    Y’know, I took the plunge after I saw that tweet of yours where you notoriously used it immediately after you received it in the post. 😉

    • Hahaha! Enabling at its best 🙂 But hey, you were thinking of getting it anyway, so don’t blame it on me. LOL!

  • That looks seriously awesome and oh-so-natural on you!! I kept going back and forth with this but ultimately, I think I’ve finally decided against it. It looks really really great on all of you, but I’m just not a contourer and I wouldn’t want to spend the money and then never use it :/

    • You’re right there. Don’t buy if you’re not gonna use it. You’re such a good girl, Becca 🙂 Can’t say the same for me!

  • lyn

    Your face is so much more defined than mine and Notorious looks good on you! I must try it out again over the weekend.

    • Yes, do try it out again 🙂 Will wait for your review!

  • It’s not an easy universally flattering colour for sure, but on some it does look amazing idd! I’ll be honest though, I’m a bit scared of the strong greyness that is going on there, but besides that it seems like a very popular bloggers item going on!

    • You’re right Teri! And for these photos, I amped up the colour so that it can be captured by my camera. Usually, I have to dab off some colour at the back of my hand to sheer it out. Definitely not for everyone…but when it works, it works!

  • I like this one, but you’re right about this not being the perfect thing for beginners. It’s SO pigmented that if you use a slightly heavier hand, it will go way wrong!

    • Yeah, I was just saying to Teri that I need to take some pigmentation off the back of my hand before applying it on my face. It’s great how the colour is so close to shadow though. Genius!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Looks FAB on you Lily!
    I use a brush that doesn’t pick up a lot of product-the real techniques contour brush. It picks up very little and I blend blend blend. I then take a kabuki and blend some more! I don’t think I can live without this now!

    • Oh I’ve been wearing it every day! I use the Makeup Show blush brush because it’s small and tapered, fits the hollow of my cheeks just right and super soft so it doesn’t scratch when I blend like a crazy woman. I have the RT contour brush too! I should try it one day. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Audrey Chan

    Finally the review of the product that I have been waiting for. Hehehehe…. It was fun going to the Chanel counter to get this for you 🙂

    • Now you know what this is for 🙂 Thanks again for the trouble!

      • Audrey Chan

        it was no trouble at all 🙂 it was my pleasure hehehe

  • BooBooNinja

    I love this! It’s my first Chanel and I’m so pleased.
    My guy was extra nice and let me use it a couple of times even though it’s not yet my birthday. 🙂

    • Aww… Your guy is sweet! Since you’ve already used it, I guess you can continue using it? Lol! When is your birthday? Happy birthday in advance!

      • BooBooNinja

        Yes, he’s the best. The Best. And not because he got me Chanel, but because he is who he is. My heart felt like it was melting when I read your love letter to your own prince. I didn’t leave a comment to that post, so I’ll tell you here — I hope that my sweetheart and I have a relationship as full of love, acceptance, and joy as you and your husband do.

        My birthday is on the 21st. I’m probably going to use Notorious for the family dinner the night before and again for the party the night of the 21st. I’m definitely going to let my sweetie “give” it to me at the dinner because he is super proud he’s able to give me such an extravagant present. I can’t take that moment away from him. I’m looking forward to his moment. 🙂 We aren’t used to splurging on gifts like this. Oh Lily, my heart is smiling over this… I am blessed to be with my guy!

        • Aww, so sweet! I hope you and your guy will have a lasting love together. And happy birthday in advance again.

          • BooBooNinja

            Thank you!

            (Funny thing — last night the Guy was being annoying and farting up a storm. I’m convinced he makes them extra loud and vibration-y sometimes to bug me. I grumbled, wondering out loud if I should’ve written the lovely comment about him. His response? An angelic look of pure innocence. Bah! Is he an angel? Definitely not always, but I think I’ll keep him.)

            • I can tell you’re really in love 🙂 Good for you, girl!