My First Inglot Freedom Palette Experience

Happy 21 Dec 2012 everyone! If you’re reading this, it means it’s not the end of the world just yet. So why don’t we just chill and talk about makeup for a while? Have you done your Christmas shopping? If not, may I suggest something affordable, wearable and something flexible enough to suit everyone’s taste? Yes, I’m talking about creating your own Freedom Palette at Inglot.

inglot 1


There are many types of Freedom Palettes, from small to large, so I suggest you go have a look to see what suits your taste. The palettes are magnetic so you can stack them up (if they’re of the same size, of course). I chose a long one which fits 3 eye shadows and a blush. While I was at it, I got myself 2 of them. I wanted something I can reach for every day, something I can take from day to night and something I can pair with any outfit. Ready for the reveal?


inglot 3 inglot 2


I chose neutral eye colours which pair well with each other and kaboom cheek colours. One is a super bright pink and another is a loud red. Whoa!!! I am very impressed by the texture of my picks. They are soft and pigmented, goes on smoothly with minimal fallout, and they all blend beautifully. I would be devastated if the blushes didn’t blend, dude. Imagine having streaky pink or red blotches on your cheeks. LOL! Before I show you some looks in another post, here are the swatches.


inglot 4


inglot 5


For this palette, there is a highlight shade which is a light beige, and the darker brown and khaki pair well together or worn alone. The pink blush looks quite warm when worn, and a very light hand is needed due to the pigmentation.


inglot 6

inglot 7


For this palette, the colours might look similar in the pans. However, it’s a different story when swatched. There is a crease shade which also doubles up as an eyebrow colour. The lighter cool taupe complements the darker warm taupe and these two shades go well with the other palette too. The red blush looks very intimidating, but when worn (sheered out), it gives a healthy glow to the skin, as if I went for a run in the cold.

How do you like the colours? One thing about this palette is that it’s super difficult to get the pans OUT. I misplaced my receipt, and I wanted the reference numbers of the colours I got, and I’m still struggling. So just bear with me while I try to dig out the pans, somehow, if ever. I already made dents on my eye shadows just because I was trying to dig them out, literally.Β Inglot should make a little hole at the bottom of each slot so that I can poke out the pans when I want them replaced. If anyone of you have any tips, please let me know. Once I get the numbers, I will update this post again.

If I’m not mistaken, the eye shadows are RM30 a pan, the blushes are RM36 a pan and the Freedom Palette of mine is RM40 (?).Β Have you tried anything Inglot? What’s your favourite product?


xoxo Lily



  • xin

    nice colors! the cheek colors look really bold!
    i have an inglot palette too, love how pigmented the colors are, i used to use them quite often..but can never seem to hit the pan though πŸ™

    • I’ve never hit pan on any of my colours πŸ™ So I just gave up. LOL!

  • I love Inglot freedom palettes and their eyeshadows. Such good value.

    Btw the only way to remove the shadows is using a magnet.

    • Thanks for the tip Jen. Will go hunt for a magnet when I have the time πŸ™‚

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I agree with Jen! I love Inglot. I haven’t tried a blush yet though so HOLY WOW the pigmentation of that one is AMAZING!! I likey!! Will you show us a FOTD? Pretty please pretty Lily! πŸ™‚

    • I picked the most outrageous blush they had. LOL! I will definitely do a few FOTDs using these palettes Tracy. Can’t wait to show you guys!

  • Wow the blush color is very beautiful.

    • Thank you Angela and thanks for dropping by! Aren’t the blush colours crazy? LOL!

  • Wow, the blushes look really pigmented! I’ve been eyeing the rainbow palettes ever since they came out, but I’m really impressed by your swatches of the blusher(especially the pink one). Looks like I really need to go get some for myself soon. πŸ˜€

    • I initially wanted to get the rainbow ones but they somehow lacked in pigmentation. They were also harder and more stiff, IMO. The singles are far better πŸ™‚ And yes, the blushes are to die for. Good picks eh? Heheh

  • Wow this is the fist time I’ve seen photos of the eyeshadow-blush Freedom palettes – they looks SO pretty in the pan and even moreso swatched. I’m such a fan of Inglot, especially the Freedom System. I love the intensity of that red blush. You picked great shades πŸ™‚ BTW I don’t use a magnet to remove the shadows (though it’d probably be smart, I just haven’t purchased one yet)… what I do is just slide a thumbtack/push pin tip into the area between the palette and eyeshadow pan and lift out one corner of the pan, then just pull the shadow out. You do have to be careful though not to slip and cause any marks on the shadow.

    • Oh, I tried the pin method Catherine, and I dented my eye shadow, so I stopped. I guess I’ll have to look for a magnet now. I’m very impressed with the pigmentation for sure! And they’re so much more affordable so I’m not complaining πŸ™‚

  • BooBooNinja

    I heard you can use one of the corner magnets on the lid to lift up the makeup pan. The green looks like it may be either 418 or 419. My bet’s on 419. The middle eyeshadow in the other palette may be 402.

    I was lucky enough to swap for 419 and 407 on MUA. I’d like to try more Inglot products, but I don’t live anywhere near an Inglot store and I’d prefer to swatch them in person before dropping some dough. πŸ™‚

    419 was my first green and I use it often. It’s awesome!
    Thanks for sharing your purchases, Lily!

    • I tried using the corner magnets with no luck, maybe I should try again πŸ™‚ Yeah, not knowing the numbers is killing me a little. Haha! There were many other gorgeous colours, and you’re right to swatch the colours in person. I find some of the shades turn out different than the pan. Beautiful nonetheless. There was this cranberry shade I have my eyes on, but let’s be realistic. I HARDLY ever wear pinks or cranberries. Yay for not impulse buying. LOL

      • BooBooNinja

        High five! Good on you for resisting the impulse purchase. πŸ™‚ I’ve actually be considering a cranberry shade, all because one blogger did a gorgeous look with that colour. Like you, I’m not one for wearing reddish shades on my eyes… so what gives?! I’ve also realised that I have far too much eyeshadow than I’ll ever finish in a lifetime if I continue to use my makeup at the current rate. Perhaps I should stop reading beauty blogs.

        HA HA!
        Like that’s going to happen. πŸ˜›

        • OMG, I thought the same thing. I should stop reading beauty blogs and I should stop blogging altogether. That would save me lots of money because the temptations are too much for me to bear. Hahahahahaha! Nah, not gonna happen any time soon though

          • BooBooNinja

            We’ll just have to lean on each other, then. πŸ™‚

            • But seriously, I’ve been pretty good the past week. I’m on a 2 month ban from purchasing any makeup and made it through the first week. LOL! Yes, we’ll just lean on each other despite the fact that we’re on the opposite sides of the world πŸ˜€

              • BooBooNinja

                I’ll join you on that ban. No makeup or lip balms for me … except I will be picking up a $3 tinted lip balm that a store is holding for me. Ahh! I’m bad at this!

                • Haha! OK, after you pick that up, your 2-mth-ban will start, ok? You’ll have to monitor yourself though. And 2 months ain’t that long πŸ™‚ Still enough time for you to buy some Spring offerings after that ban. LOL!

  • Kel

    I remove mine with the ‘pimple-stick’ (one with the flat rounded head..and works like wonder (saves from having to look for a magnet)..i have a palatte like yours & one which can hold the pressed powder, so i always swap the colours around when i go travelling…

    • Pimple stick! That’s a great idea… if I had one at home, that is. LOL! I used to have one but I threw it out. Ugh… Thanks for the tip Kel and thanks for dropping by πŸ˜€

  • I love ALL the shadow shades in these 2 palettes–gorgeous! And JEEZ are those blushes pigmented!!!

    • I’m glad you likey πŸ˜€ Yeah, those blushes have the oomph factor. Looks quite natural when applied with feather light hand though

  • Whoaaa that KHAKI!!! The blushes seem REALLY pigmented! I’ve always wondered how red blushes look on πŸ™‚

    • Haha Sunny the khaki lover πŸ™‚ I’ll do a FOTD definitely so you can see how it looks!

  • Liyeun

    Omg just when I though I had enough blushers!!! *swoon*

    • I know right? Just when I thought I don’t need another palette. LOL! I really don’t but sigh…the texture is great and I get to pick and choose my own colours!

  • Funny that I was just commenting on another blog about how I should really get some Inglot products as I’ve heard good things and now I’ve stumbled upon this post!

    The blushes look amazing. I’ve been meaning to try out a new blush. Maybe this will be the push I need to finally buy an Inglot product! The eyeshadows look pretty decent too. I have no idea how much they are in Australia though, since make up seems heavily marked up here. I want to go back to the States πŸ™

    • Hi Anna, welcome to Chloe.Ash! I’m glad you stumbled your way here and yes, I agree the prices are ridiculously jacked up in Oz. I nearly fainted when I saw the prices when I was there in May. Eeps! Maybe you can swatch the products there, decide what you want then shop online? These blushes ARE amazing so I suggest you go have a look πŸ™‚

  • Nida

    I have never tried any product of Inglot.

    • It my first time and I’m loving it! You should try it one day, Nida πŸ™‚

  • love these!
    the second palette is actually calling my name.

    • Haha! You should get yourself a palette then πŸ™‚

  • gorg colours !

    i dunno where to get inglot shadows here in SG !:(

    • I don’t think it’s available in Singapore. In South East Asia, it’s only available in Malaysia. Whoa…can’t believe I can actually say that, because SG usually has everything. LOL!

      • haha yeah agree! hope you meet you soon !x

        • Would love to meet you too πŸ™‚

  • Christine@BrazenBeauty

    I haven’t seen the eyeshadow-blush pans yet either, very cool. Man, I am intimidated by the whole Inglot system. It’s just so darn hard to pick what I want off of their website, research all the colors in swatches online, that I usually get a half hour into it and give up. Shame because these really do look gorgeous.

    • Hi Christine, I spent a good half hour swatching and comparing all their neutral singles! I ignored the rest, so I can imagine what you’re going through. Why don’t you go to a store and actually see the swatches against your own skin? That might help you decide quicker πŸ™‚

  • Jasmine

    Such a pretty paletttes! Like your fist eyeshadow choices the most because of the nice light beige and the darker eyeshadows. I don’t own any Inglot, love to look though.

    • It’s definitely like a candy store for makeup lovers, Jasmine. LOL! It’s also great that the price is affordable too πŸ™‚

  • Chris El

    I love the combo you chose for your palettes. I’ve only experimented with their eyeshadows which I adore. How are you liking the cheek products?

    I’m your newest Twitter follower πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for following and merry Christmas! I’m loving the blushes. They are very pigmented and a lot of blending is needed, but so beautiful! I’ve done 2 looks to show you guys. Will be up soon πŸ™‚

  • Alicja

    Here in Poland Inglot is very popular and a lot of make-up artist using these products.Eye shadows and nails are really great but i don’t recommend you mascara or some foundation πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the heads up Alicja. These are my first Inglot products, and I’ll stay away from their mascaras and foundations πŸ™‚